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In these archives, you can find older Squash NZ publications. If there are any particular publications that you require, which are not listed here, please contact us

President's Meetings

Twice a year, the Squash New Zealand Executive Board meet with the 11 District Presidents. Below are the minutes from these meetings…

           Minutes Mid Year Presidents Meeting 2013 (446K)

Previous Annual Reports

 Squash New Zealand Annual Report 2013 (1.6Mb)

Squash New Zealand Annual Report 2012 (4.4MB)

Squash New Zealand Annual Report 2011 (4.6Mb)

Squash New Zealand Annual Report 2010 (4.7Mb)

Squash New Zealand Annual Report 2009 (3.3Mb)

Previous AGM Minutes

 Minutes of the Squash NZ AGM 2013 Draft (353K)

Squash New Zealand AGM Minutes 2012 (367K)

Squash New Zealand AGM Minutes 2011 (199K)

Squash New Zealand AGM Minutes 2010 (306K)

Squash New Zealand AGM Minutes 2009 (312K)

Previous Executive Council Minutes

           SNZ Executive Council Minutes 1 December 2012 (233K)

           SNZ Executive Council Minutes 1 February 2013 (256K)

           SNZ Executive Council Minutes 15 March 2013 (264K)

           SNZ Executive Council Minutes 14 May 2013 (234K)

           SNZ Executive Council Minutes 5 July 2013 (228K)

           SNZ Executive Council Minutes 23 August 2013 (234K)

           SNZ Executive Council Minutes 24 September 2013 (228K)

           SNZ Executive Council Minutes 20 October 2013 (228K)

           SNZ Executive Council Minutes 30 November 2013 (228K)

           SNZ Executive Council Minutes 31 January 2014 (228K)

Previous Newsletters

Our most recent e-newsletters (which are sent every 2-3 weeks throughout the squash season) can be seen here

Roadshow Presentations

In 2012, 2013 and 2014, Squash NZ travelled througout New Zealand on a national Roadshow. Presentations from these events can be viewed here

 SNZ Roadshow Presentation 2014 (8.6Mb)

SNZ Roadshow Presentation 2013 (6.6Mb)

SNZ Roadshow Presentation Feb 2012 (3.0Mb)


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