A transformed organization at the cutting edge of modern sports governance and performance.


Intermediate goals (Phase 1 )

  • Build Relationships: Establish trust, improve communication and information sharing
  • Align Delivery: Alignment and streamlining of operations and programmes, boost capability
  • Optimal Structure: Determine the roles and accountabilities of shareholders within the SNZ structure

Long-Term goals (Phase 2)

  • Unity: Collaboration and co-operation at all levels
  • Culture: A performance culture that drives the sport; both its results and its future
  • Optimal structure: A connected and streamlined structure prioritizing optimal delivery to the player


  • Increase the capacity and capability of the national office by creating new roles: Squash Operations Manager, Coaching Director and Club Development Manager.
  • Focus on the Four Priority Areas: Connections and Culture, Delivery Coordination, Knowledge and Capacity Building and Resourcing and Accountability. 
  • Take a two-step approach to implementing the Towards2020 change plan. 
  • Reconceptualise 'structure' to reflect the modes of operation and values that SNZ wishes to embody: 
  • Take a flexible approach towards integration and alignment
  • Set clear performance targets and measures for Stage Two

Latest information

Below are the latest updates on where Squash NZ are at with Towards 2020

2011 Task Force Final Report
T2020 Update December 2011


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