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Squash New Zealand is the national body responsible for the promotion and development of squash in New Zealand. We were established in 1932 and are a member of World Squash and Oceania Squash and are recognised by Sport New Zealand (formerly SPARC) as the official national governing body for squash.

Squash New Zealand provides a wide range of services associated with the game including the national grading system, managing the New Zealand representative teams, overseeing the calendar of tournaments and providing growth and support initiatives for the benefit of the community.

Squash in New Zealand is administered by 11 regional District associations, all of which are overseen and supported by the staff and Executive Board of Squash New Zealand.

Squash NZ staff and contact details

District Association contact details

Our Strategic Plan: Squash on the Move

Squash New Zealand's vision is Squash - Growing at Grassroots and Going for Gold.

Strategic Plan Squash on the Move

The Squash New Zealand Strategic Plan 2016-2021: Squash on the Move (PDF) has five key focus areas:

  • Participation Growth - a significant increase in the number of people playing and participating in Squash.
  • International Success - the high performance programme achieves podium success at pinnacle events.
  • Welcoming Facilities - the squash community improves the accessibility and utilisation of spaces and places.
  • Financial Health - the governance and management of the sport provides financial sustainability at all levels.
  • Unified Delivery - Squash New Zealand, the regional District Associations and clubs are united to deliver squash nationwide.

New Zealand's Community Squash Plan

Community Squash Plan

New Zealand's Community Squash Plan 2016-2021 (PDF) provides a breakdown of the various initiatives for how Squash New Zealand, the 11 regional District Association and local clubs will achieve the desired community-related outcomes detailed in the strategic plan. It focuses on 6 key areas:

  • Participation and Membership - more people active and committed for life.
  • Events - more people playing and engaged.
  • Coaching - more quality people supporting our players.
  • Facilities - greater utilisation of courts in the community.
  • Capability - more capable people and organisations.
  • iSquash - more efficient operations and greater insights.

Building strong partnerships with effective partners will also assist the squash family to increase the impact that squash plays in each local community.

Our Constitution

Squash New Zealand is an incorporated society, registered with the Department of Internal Affairs and is governed by the Squash New Zealand Constitution.


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