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Purpose of CoachForce

The purpose of the CoachForce projects/role is to recruit, support, develop and retain coaches in the Squash arena. The CoachForce roles/projects are a nationally driven regionally delivered program that is aligned with the New Zealand Coaching Strategy and the Squash NZ Coach Development Framework. The scope of the roles will vary slightly region to region to fit the needs of the District concerned (Note: this is not funding to run District high performance programmes)

CoachForce Priorities

The CoachForce Officer will work closely with the District Association, Squash NZ National Coaching Director, and Regional Sports Trusts along with other stakeholders where appropriate. This position will require the CoachForce Officer to focus on meeting these key outcomes.

  1. The delivery of the Squash New Zealand Coach Development Framework at a regional level.
  2. To utilise the RST networks to link with and develop schools programs that are then linked back to the local club's junior programs 
  3. To ensure that each club runs a structured junior program. The CF Officer will provide planning assistance, advice and professional development opportunities for the coaches involved. 
  4. To ensure that each club has the ability to offer in house coaching programs for beginners, graded players, ladies, teams etc which leads to increases and the retention of club members. 
  5. To drive the recruitment of coaches in the region
  6. To ensure recognition of coaches through various awards such as, SPARC Volunteer Coach of the Year, Regional Sports Awards, and Squash New Zealand Coach Awards.
  7. Develop a Regional Coaching Plan and activity schedule
  8. To liaise with the National Coaching Director regularly as required
  9. Communicate clearly with all key stakeholders
  10. Selected administrative tasks as agreed with the District Organisation. This area will be strongly governed so that the scope of the project/role does not get too large. 

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