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CoachForce (coaching the coaches)

With the support of the New Zealand Community TrustSquash New Zealand's national CoachForce programme uses trained regional CoachForce to develop, support and motivate club and school coaches to give athletes and participants fun, safe and quality experiences.

The CoachForce (officers and facilitators) play a crucial role not just in the initial formal training of coaches but also in the way coaches are informally educated, supported and nurtured ‘on the job’. This includes running coach learning and extension modules, as well as providing programme setup support and being available to watch, observe and listen.


Contact your Regional CoachForce

Are you keen to upskill on a coaching course? Looking for one-on-one coaching advice and personal support? Interested club and school coaches should get in touch with the following CoachForce contacts.

Squash Northland
Annie Greene - Coaching Convenor

E: g8rsquash@gmail.com
P: 027 437 4722

Squash Auckland
Mike Weston - Development and CoachForce Manager
E: development@squashauckland.org.nz
P: 021 484 713

Squash Waikato
Glenda Knox - SportsForce Squash Development Officer
E: squashsf@sportsforce.org.nz
P: 027 475 7516

Squash Bay of Plenty
Robbie Wyatt - Coaching Director

E: coach@squashbop.co.nz
P: 027 467 1918

Squash Central
Sally Stantiall - District Coaching Coordinator
E: coach@squashcentral.co.nz
P: 027 579 1144

Squash Canterbury
Mike Allred - District Coach / CoachForce
E: mike@squashcanterbury.co.nz
P: 021 0230 3868

Squash Midlands
Linda Kenny - CoachForce Facilitator
E: linda.kenny@sportcanterbury.org.nz
P: 03 686 0723

Squash Southland
Bruce Thirkell - Development Officer

E: bruce@squashsouthland.co.nz
P: 027 319 4169

Keen to join the CoachForce (and coach the coaches)?

Squash New Zealand are always on the lookout for suitably experienced coaches to join the CoachForce. The current rates of pay are as follows:

Ideal coaches will:

  • Have experience in teaching, planning, coordinating and delivering learning opportunities.
  • Be currently coaching players that correspond with the module(s) in which they wish to facilitate. For example, a coach facilitating the Club Youth Module 4 will be familiar in coaching playes aged between 13 and 19 years.
  • Proactively support and use the national squash coaching resources (for Kiwi Squash and SquashStart programmes).
  • Follow the Squash New Zealand Coaching Code of Ethics.
  • Promote the range of national coach development opportunities within their community.
  • Seek continuous professional development where practical.
  • Have excellent communication and administration skills.

To discuss opportunities to join the CoachForce get in touch.


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