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Coaching Opportunities

Quality coaches continually strive to improve, develop and challenge themselves. This can be achieved by:

  • Observing other coaches (both within squash and outside of squash).
  • Reading books and articles.
  • Gaining feedback on sessions from other coaches (a critical friend, coach mentor or master coach) and players.
  • Self Reflecting following each session.
  • Developing a Personal Development Plan to outline targets and ways to achieve these.

Many other opportunities and courses exist outside of the Coach Development Framework to further progress your learning as a coach. Follow the links below for more information:

Sport New Zealand

Performance Coach Advance: The Performance Coach Advance programme aims to improve the quality of coaches working with talented pre-elite 15-21-year-old athletes.

Coach Developer Programme: The Coach Developer programme aims to improve the effectiveness of coach developers across all sports.

High Performance Sport New Zealand

Coach Accelerator Programme: The Coach Accelerator programme aims to accelerate the development of outstanding coaches, capable of coaching athletes to become World and/or Olympic champions.

Prime Minister's Scholarships: Prime Minister's Scholarships help fund the professional development of high performance coaches.

Carded Coaches Programme: The Carded Coach Programme provides individual support to the country's top coaches.


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