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Coaching videos

Squash NZ have produced short videos highlighting the techniques for 16 different shots, including slow motion replays. Click on each link below to view the video and relevant coaching points. Each clip will show three shots at normal speed, the same three shots in slow motion and then again back in normal speed. The clips can be paused at anytime.

Coach Resources

Coaching resources are available through completion of the coach development modules through your District Coaching Coordinator.

These include...

  • Small Nix CD (Fundamental Skills Games 5-8 years) with Module 2
  • Small Nix DVD (Fun Squash Activities 5-8 years) with Module 2a
  • Big Nix DVD (General Movement, Squash Coordination, Developing Tactical Awareness 9-12 years) with Module 3
  • Big Nix DVD (Squash Technique 9-12years) with Module 3a

All modules also come with a resource booklet.

Find out more about the Squash NZ Coach Development Framework and all modules here

Coaching Resources to Purchase

The following coaching resources are available from Squash NZ at a discounted rate of $12 (including GST) + post and packaging.To order, please contact Squash NZ.

Coaching resources

Squash Routines

This manual provides over 200 squash routines which can be practised by any level of player. The resource is divided into the six common squash shots - drives, serves, boasts, drops, lobs and volleys

Introduction to Coaching

Junior Coaching Guide

Teams Event Coaching Guide

Tournament Draws and Leagues

* The Junior Skills programme has been superceded by Kiwi Squash so we no longer sell these booklets.


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