Coaching Resources

Below are tools and resources to help squash coaches deliver world-class experiences for all players; and information to help parents and administrators find the right coach.

Kiwi Squash Coaching Resources

Kiwi Squash Coaching Resources

Kiwi Squash is New Zealand’s national branded junior squash development programme designed to engage primary (Small Nix 5-8yrs) and intermediate (Big Nix 9-12 yrs) school-aged children into squash-based activities, developing their fundamental skills and improving their speed and agility, all whilst having fun.

Clubs can also download free information and promotional resources (including certificates, posters, parent and school information leaflets and logos) from the Kiwi Squash section of our website.

The Kiwi Squash resources consist of:

  • a Small Nix 86 page manual ($20 + GST) outlining eight lesson plans
  • a Big Nix 58 page manual ($20 + GST) outlining eight lesson plans
  • a DVD ($15 + GST) demonstrating all activities included within each lesson

SquashStart Coaching Resources (Squash Ignite & Social Slam)

Squash Start Coaching Resources

SquashStart is a set of resources that are available for purchase to make it easy for clubs to run beginner squash programmes (Squash Ignite 13-18yrs) and Social Slam (19-35yrs). 

Clubs can also download free promotional resources from the two branded programmes that utilise the SquashStart resources from the Squash Ignite and Social Slam sections of our website.

The SquashStart resources consist of:

  • a 65 page manual ($20 + GST) outlining eight lesson plans
  • a DVD ($15 + GST) which demonstrates all activities included within each lesson

Technique videos

Squash New Zealand have produced short videos illustrating the technique for 16 different shots, including slow motion replays. Click on the link below to view the video and relevant coaching points:

Coaching apps

Technology now plays a huge part in society. Nearly everybody has a smartphone and computer and these can be used to positively improve coach development. We recommend a few apps. Find out more

First Aid Training

There are lots of first aid and safety courses available. Red Cross New Zealand or St John New Zealand both offer a variety of health and safety training courses around the country.

Coach Recruitment

People are your biggest asset. They touch many people on behalf of your club. Recruitment is everything… and also our biggest challenge. Discover ways how you can attract and retain superstar coaches in our Coach Recruitment Guide (PDF)

Contracting / Selecting a Coach

Squash New Zealand recommends only engaging coaches who are qualified, insured, child-safe screened and first aid certified. Find out more

Squash Coaches Network


The Squash Coaches Network Newsletter is for all squash coaches and students of the game in New Zealand. It contains information on upcoming learning opportunities, links to interesting articles, videos to assist with skill development, where to go for additional support and much more!


The New Zealand Squash Coaches Network Group (Facebook) is a place where coaches can connect with each other to share ideas and information to we can learn from each other and apply it to our own situations. We welcome and value all coaches and students of the game of squash to join!


Many other opportunities and courses exist outside of the formal Coach Development Framework to further progress your learning as a coach. Find out more

Sport New Zealand provide a regular publication entitled New Zealand Coach Magazine that contains information on the latest trends in coaching. 


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