SquashStart Coaching Resources (Squash Ignite & Social Slam)

Squash Start Coaching Resources

SquashStart is a set of resources that are available for purchase to make it easy for clubs to run beginner squash programmes (Squash Ignite 13-18yrs) and Social Slam (19-35yrs). 

Clubs can also download free promotional resources from the two branded programmes that utilise the SquashStart resources from the Squash Ignite and Social Slam sections of our website.

The SquashStart resources consist of:

  • a 65 page manual ($20 + GST) outlining eight lesson plans
  • a DVD ($15 + GST) which demonstrates all activities included within each lesson

Kiwi Squash Coaching Resources

Kiwi Squash Coaching Resources

Kiwi Squash is New Zealand’s national branded junior squash development programme designed to engage primary (Small Nix 5-8yrs) and intermediate (Big Nix 9-12 yrs) school-aged children into squash-based activities, developing their fundamental skills and improving their speed and agility, all whilst having fun.

Clubs can also download free information and promotional resources (including certificates, posters, parent and school information leaflets and logos) from the Kiwi Squash section of our website.

The Kiwi Squash resources consist of:

  • a Small Nix 86 page manual ($20 + GST) outlining eight lesson plans
  • a Big Nix 58 page manual ($20 + GST) outlining eight lesson plans
  • a DVD ($15 + GST) demonstrating all activities included within each lesson

Mentoring (and Shadowing)

For coaches looking for one-on-one coaching and personal support, coach mentoring (and shadowing) is ideal. This allows you to learn from other coaches and receive feedback on your coaching.

Coach mentoring is a process that aims to support and advance coaches at all levels of sport. Mentor coaches work with mentee coaches to develop and strengthen their coaching skills, be a sounding board for problems, to help identify areas that could be further improved, or just be a source of motivation.

Mentors are not always 'Masters' but can be your peers as well - so as long as they can provide constructive and objective feedback to support you. They do not need to be from the same code either. Mentoring relationships can be formally structured with mentors assigned to coaches, or they can be informal and grown out of conversation. Regardless, they can be useful for coaches at all levels.

Sport New Zealand have put together a Coach Mentor Programme (PDF) to assist.

Growing Coaches

Growing coaches is a leadership programme for secondary school students who want to coach sport at schools (secondary, primary, intermediate) or clubs. The programme consists of 8 hours of learning about coaching, including sport-specific and self-directed learning from a chosen sport, and 15 hours of coaching experience – coaching other young people.

Coaching Apps

Technology now plays a huge part in society. Nearly everybody has a smartphone and computer and these can be used to positively improve coach development. Below are a few apps that we recommend:

  • HUDL (formerly Ubersense) is a video analysis tool that allows coaches to assess technique and performance.
  • CoachSeek is an online scheduling and booking tool that allows coaches to organise their schedules.
  • Dropbox is an online storage platform that allows coaches to upload and share files.
  • Silicon Coach is a motion analysis software for coaching.
  • Coach's Eye is a video analysis tool that allows coaches to assess technique and performance.
  • SquashFit is a tailor made skill and fitness programme.

Injury Prevention

Most injuries in squash are easily preventable. Whether you are a player, coach or referee, managing your actions before, during and after squash can help you reduce injury, perform better and keep active longer.

Contracting a Coach

Squash New Zealand recommends that all schools, clubs and Districts only engage coaches who are qualified, insured, child safe screened and first aid certified. Find out more here.

New Zealand Coach Magazine

Sport New Zealand provide a regular publication entitled New Zealand Coach Magazine that contains information on the latest trends in coaching. 


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