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National Coach Development Framework

Whether you are wanting to learn how to coach beginners, or a seasoned coach working with elite athletes, the Coach Development Framework has something for you. It provides numerous learning opportunities for squash coaches to develop themselves to the highest standard and be able to deliver programmes and support the teaching of players at all stages of participation on the athlete pathway. There are also opportunities to extend learning through extension modules.

To download and read the full Coach Development Framework click here (PDF)

NZ Coach Development Framework

Learning Modules

Experience an in-depth exploration of technique and theory to elevate your coaching from good to great with our available coach learning modules - delivered by the regional CoachForce.

For every module completed, you will receive a module pack which includes a special resource guide with relevant information.

Follow the links below for more information about each module:

Testimonials - straight from the coaches' mouths

  • “Good mixture of theory & practice. Good to have ‘workshop’ sessions to plan some areas ourselves”
  • “Excellent, couldn’t have asked for more”
  • “Lots of ways to change and challenge and extend activities”
  • “Good to spend some time putting ideas into practice”
  • “Enables everyone to confidently try things and participate in the group”
  • “Clear, hands-on, practical, good take aways”
  • “Great, I'm a non-squash player and found this info very accessible. I got a lot out of it”
  • “Fantastic and now very enthusiastic about continuing on my coaching pathway”
  • “Has most certainly given me more confidence to go forward”
  • “Great to work with different coaches in small groups and learn from each other”
  • “Whole thing was run really well. Enjoyed the interaction with other coaches. Picked up lots of new ideas"

Coaches Code of Ethics  

Coaches are required to sign the Squash NZ Coaches Code of Ethics (PDF) at the completion of each module.

This code covers a variety of situations in the coaching environment under seven separate headings:

  • Respecting the rights, dignity and worth of every individual athlete as a human being
  • Maintaining high standards of integrity
  • Be a positive role model for your sport and athletes and act in way that projects a positive image for coaching
  • Professional Responsibilities
  • Make a commitment to provide a quality service to your athletes
  • Provide a safe training environment for training and competition
  • Protect your athletes from any form of personal abuse

Squash New Zealand reserves the right to remove any qualifications gained on the framework should these standards be proven to have been broken.

Pre-existing Qualifications

The pre-existing Squash Leaders, Level 1 and Level 2 qualifications will be recognised in New Zealand until 31/12/2019. The recognition of prior learning in other sporting environments will also be taken into account.

Coaches can supply evidence to Squash New Zealand if they believe their learning and experiences meet the requirements in one or more of the learning modules.

Frequently asked questions

What learning modules should I do?

You should take the learning modules that are relevant to the communities (age and stage) of players you wish to work with. You should also pick the extension modules that will provide you with the specialist knowledge and skills you want to develop.

How can I prepare for a module?

Jump online and watch the technique videos beforehand to get familiar with the moves. Practice saying and doing the moves so you know what they look and feel like. Otherwise come with an open mind and be ready to receive constructive feedback and learn from the other coaches.

What should I bring with me?

Bring your normal squash attire as you will be on court. You’ll also do some book work and education as part of the module so bring something warm. Bring a pen, your iPad or laptop too if you wish. You should also bring a water bottle and some food or snacks.

What is included with the module pack?

We put together special module packs exclusively for coaches attending the courses. These resources contain useful information so that you leave inspired and empowered to create top quality experiences for your players.

What is involved during the learning module?

You’ll discuss the needs of the players and learn ways to engage the relevant community of players. You’ll be shown activities that can be used to develop skills and will be required to design and coach an activity with your peers. This doesn’t have to be perfect but you need to be willing to learn and improve. The Coach Facilitator is there to help you.

What happens afterwards?

The learning module is just the beginning. You’ll leave with lots of ideas and new information. The challenge is to try some of these practices in your own coaching. Go and listen to another coach, observe another coach in action, or have a coach observe you coaching. Keep learning and seeking feedback on your own coaching.


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