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Commonwealth Games

Squash was introduced to the menu of sporting codes contested during the Commonwealth Games in 1998, since when New Zealand has developed a proud record of success. Medals are available for men's and women's singles and doubles, as well as mixed doubles. The next Commonwealth Games are to be held in Glasgow, Scotland, in 2014.

The Commonwealth Games is a key event for New Zealand Squash Inc. Much of our Sport New Zealand funding is linked to results at key world events, while success on this global stage greatly increases the profile of the sport in New Zealand. A team for the 2014 Commonwealth Games will be named closer to the time.

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Commonwealth Games 2014 (Glasgow, Scotland)

The 2014 Commonwealth Games will be held in Glasgow from 23 July - 3 August.

The team selected by NZOC to travel to the Games in 2014 is:

Women Men

Joelle King*

Megan Craig*

Amanda Landers-Murphy*

Kylie Lindsay

Campbell Grayson*

Martin Knight*

Paul Coll*

Lance Beddoes

* These players will contest the singles event.  The doubles pairings will comprise:

Women's: Joelle King & Amanda Landers-Murphy, Megan Craig & Kylie Lindsay
Men's: Campbell Grayson & Martin Knight, Paul Coll & Lance Beddoes
Mixed: Joelle King & Martin Knight, Amanda Landers-Murphy & Paul Coll

When are the Kiwis playing?

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Singles Results

Women's Round of 32

(3) Joelle King bt Sarah Taylor (JEY) 11-2 11-3 11-2
(16) Megan Craig bt Safina Madhani (KEN) 11-1 11-2 11-2
Amanda Landers-Murphy lost to (8) Jenny Duncalf 2-11 0-11 8-11

Men's Round of 64

(12) Campbell Grayson bt Hartaj Bains (KEN) 11-0 11-4 11-1
(13) Martin Knight bt Gihan Suwaris (SRI) 11-0 11-6 11-3
Paul Coll bt Issa Kemara (SLE) 11-0 11-5 11-7

Men's Round of 32

(12) Campbell Grayson bt Micah Franklin (BER) 11-1 11-1 11-4
(13) Martin Knight bt Kevin Moran (SCO) 11-4 11-3 9-11 11-6
Paul Coll lost to (4) Saurav Ghosal (IND) 4-11 4-11 7-11

Women's Round of 16

(3) Joelle King bt (12) Joshana Chinappa (IND) 11-3 11-8 8-11 11-5
(16) Megan Craig lost to (1) Nicol David (MAS) 7-11 6-11 5-11

Men's Round of 16

(12) Campbell Grayson bt Kelvin Ndhlovu (ZAM) 11-4 11-6 11-4
(13) Martin Knight lost to (2) James Willstrop (ENG) 5-11 5-11 5-11

Women's Quarter-finals

(3) Joelle King bt (7) Madeline Perry (NIR) 11-6 11-4 11-6

Men's Quarter-finals

(12) Campbell Grayson lost to (4) Saurav Ghosal (IND) 8-11 7-11 11-6 11-8 11-6

Women's Semi-finals

(3) Joelle King lost to (1) Nicol David (MAS) 6-11 8-11 5-11

Women's Bronze Medal Playoff

(3) Joelle King beat (4) Alison Waters (ENG) 11-7 11-7 11-5

Doubles Results

Men's Doubles Pool Play

Campbell Grayson/Martin Knight bt I Kamara/J Fayia (SLE) WALKOVER
Campbell Grayson/Martin Knight bt M Franklin/N Kyme (BER) 11-5 11-3

Paul Coll/Lance Beddoes bt M Graham/D Gray (NFK) 11-3 11-1
Paul Coll/Lance Beddoes lost to R Cuskelly/M Karwalski (AUS) 5-11 8-11

Women's Doubles Pool Play

Joelle King/Amanda Landers-Murphy bt S Morove/D Boyce 11-3 11-3

Megan Craig/Kylie Lindsay lost to N David/WW Low 11-7 10-11 6-11

Mixed Doubles

Joelle King/Martin Knight bt N Taylor/S Taylor (JER) WALKOVER

Amanda Landers-Murphy/Paul Coll bt S Maketu/E Webb (PNG) 11-2 11-4

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History of Squash at the Commonwealth Games

Since squash was introduced in 1998, New Zealand has won medals at every Commonwealth Games.

Year Host City NZ Team Medals
1998 Kuala Lumpur

Phillipa Beams

Sarah Cook

Fiona Dean

Leilani Rorani (Joyce)

Daniel Sharplin

Paul Steel

Wayne Werder

Glen Wilson


Sarah Cook / Glen Wilson

(Mixed Doubles)

2002 Manchester

Shelley Kitchen

Carol Owen

Lara Petara

Leilani Joyce

Daniel Sharplin

Glen Wilson

Gold: Leilani Joyce / Glen Wilson

(Mixed Doubles)

Gold: Leilani Joyce / Carol Owens

(Women's Doubles)

Silver: Carol Owen

(Women's Singles)

2006 Melbourne

Shelley Kitchen

Tamysn Leevey

Lara Heta (Petera)

Louise Crome

Campbell Grayson

Martin Knight

Callum O'Brien

Glen Wilson


Shelley Kitchen / Tamsyn Leevey

(Women's Doubles)


Shelley Kitchen

(Women's Singles)

2010 Delhi

Jaclyn Hawkes

Joelle King

Tamsyn Leevey

Kylie Lindsay

Campbell Grayson

Martin Knight


Joelle King / Jaclyn Hawkes

(Women's Doubles)


Joelle King / Martin Knight

(Mixed Doubles)


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