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Trans-Tasman Test Series

Test series against Australia have been played regularly between masters teams since 1984, and also occasionally by junior teams. The next Trans-Tasman masters test series is planned for 2013, in Australia.

For a full list of records since the Trans-Tasman series began, Click here.

2011 Trans-Tasman Test Series Report

The roof of the Nelson squash club was raised off its foundations when New Zealand defeated Australia in the Masters Trans Tasman Test Series for the first time since 2000 and for only the fourth time since the competition's conception in 1984.

With NZ winning the first test 9/3 on Wednesday evening, Australia was on the back foot in the second test played last night at the Nelson Squash Rackets Club.

The galleries were filled to capacity for the first match featuring NZ's Kathryn McKay in the 45+ age group. Kathryn delivered for the crowd and put NZ on a winning streak by repeating her win over Sue Williams of Australia, while on Court 2 the first match was in the Men's 60+ group with kiwi Tony Naughton repeating his Wednesday night success over Aussie Michael McDonald 3/0.

Wellingtonian Corey Love (35+ group) was dominant in his defeat over Australia's Troy Northey 3/0, once again showing a perfect range of drops and boasts. It was NZ on top in the 50 + women with Kaye Newman repeating her success on court over Mandy Hamilton.

Australia's first win of the evening was in the 40+ women with Sonia Pinter getting her revenge over Lisa Cowlard NZ 3/1 after Lisa's 3/0 win the evening before.

Next up, NZer Gary Duberly beat Dale Robbins 3/2 a very long closely fought match in the 45+ category, just taking it out 3/2 in the end.

At this stage New Zealand looking strong with five matches to Australia's one. Australia edged back with a win in the 60+ Women's, with Kathy Paterson reversing last night's result, defeating kiwi Francy Stevenson 3/2 in a hard fought match where every point was fiercely contested.

With the score at NZ 5 Australia 2, the stage was set for a classic battle in the 50+ age group. Auckland's Mark Waldin fought hard to find match point in the fourth set against Malcolm McClarty but the Australian made a strong comeback to level the score at two all. In the fifth game the spectators were thrilled with the see-saw back-and-forth action before Waldin finally took the match 3/2 (12/15, 17/15, 15/12, 15/17, 16/14). The match was exhausting to play and to watch!

With NZ up 6 to Australia's 2, NZ only needed to win one more match to win the series. Scott Gardiner of NZ (40+) could not manage to repeat his win of the previous night over Warren Millar of Australia so Australia crept up to three points to NZ's six.

With still just one point needed to win for NZ, Freda Walker was unable to overcome Anne Richards in the 55+ group. The Australian played superbly to win 3/1 and take the overall score to NZ 6 - Australia 4.

With NZ needing just one more win to clinch the series for the first time in 11 year's, the 35+ age group rivals of Mickayla Kerr and Michelle May were next on court. Kerr was impressive in repeating her previous night's win over May 3/0 and clinching the series for the kiwis.

With the result predetermined, the final match of the night was the 55+ Men with Kevin Smuts NZ hammering the nail in the coffin of Australia with a 3/0 win over Michael Brown.

The final result for Test Two of the two-match series was 8/4 making New Zealand the overall Test series winners 2/0. Australia can only hope that their rugby team can have more success over the Russians in the final pool match of the Rugby World Cup also being hosted by sunny Nelson! Congratulations to the NZ Masters squash team and to Nelson Squash Club for hosting another successful international tournament.

The players do not get to rest now as the NZ Masters Champs kicks off today, followed immediately by the NZ Inter-District Masters Team Champs, so there's plenty more squash action at the Nelson Squash Club over the coming days.


Overall Masters Trans Tasman Test Series Result: New Zealand 2, Australia 0

Test One: Wednesday 28 September at Nelson Squash Club

Test result: New Zealand 9, Australia 3

35+ Women: Mickayla Kerr (NZ) beat Michelle May (AUS) 3-2 (15/4, 8/15, 14/16, 15/5, 15/7)

35+ Men: Corey Love (NZ) beat Troy Northey (AUS) 3-0 (15/13, 15/3, 15/4)

40+ Women: Lisa Cowlard (NZ) beat Sonia Pinter (AUS) 3-0 (15/10, 15/7, 15/9)

40+ Men: Scott Gardiner (NZ) beat Warren Miller (AUS) 3-0 (16/14, 15/6, 15/7)

45+ Women: Kathryn Austin (NZ) beat Sue Williams (AUS) 3-0 (18/16, 15/6, 15/8)

45+ Men: Dale Robbins (AUS) beat Gary Duberly (NZ) 3-1 (2/15, 15/12, 15/9, 15/7)

50+ Women: Kaye Newman (NZ) beat Mandy Hamilton (AUS) 3-0 (15/5, 15/11, 15/12)

50+ Men: Malcolm McClarty (AUS) beat Mark Waldin (NZ) 3-2 (15/9, 4/15, 17/15, 6/15, 15/7)

55+ Women: Anne Richards (AUS) beat Freda Walker (NZ) 3-0 (15/11, 15/6, 15/5)

55+ Men: Kevin Smuts (NZ) beat Michael Brown (AUS) 3-1 (14/16, 15/7, 15/12, 15/10)

60+ Men: Tony Naughton (NZ) beat Michael McDonald (AUS) 3-0 (15/8, 15/10, 18/16)

60+ Women: Francy Stephenson (NZ) beat Kathy Paterson (AUS) 3-2 (15/9, 1/15, 7/15, 15/10, 15/7)

Test Two: Thursday 29 September at Nelson Squash Club

Test result: New Zealand 8, Australia 4

35+ Women: Mickayla Kerr (NZ) beat Michelle May (AUS) 3-0 (15/13, 15/6, 15/9)

35+ Men: Corey Love (NZ) beat Troy Northey (AUS) 3-0 (15/7, 15/10, 15/9)

40+ Women: Sonia Pinter (AUS) beat Lisa Cowlard (NZ) 3-1 (8/15, 15/8, 15/10, 15/10)

40+ Men: Warren Miller (AUS) beat Scott Gardiner (NZ) 3-2 (13/15, 4/15, 15/13, 15/9, 15/12)

45+ Women: Kathryn McKay (NZ) beat Sue Williams (AUS) 3-2 (15/7, 12/15, 15/12, 11/15, 15/5)

45+ Men: Gary Duberly (NZ) beat Dale Robbins (AUS) 3-2 (11/15, 16/14, 9/15, 15/11, 15/7)

50+ Women: Kaye Newman (NZ) beat Mandy Hamilton (AUS) 3-0 (15/8, 15/4, 15/6)

50+ Men: Mark Waldin (NZ) beat Malcolm McClarty (AUS) 3-2 (12/15, 17/15, 15/12, 15/17, 16/14)

55+ Women: Anne Richards (AUS) beat Freda Walker (NZ) 3-1 (15/11, 8/15, 15/8, 15/4)

55+ Men: Kevin Smuts (NZ) beat Michael Brown (AUS) 3-2 (17/15, 15/11, 19/21, 11/15, 18/16)

60+ Women: Kathy Paterson (AUS) beat Francy Stephenson (NZ) 3-2 (19/21, 15/8, 4/15, 17/15, 15/9)

60+ Men: Tony Naughton (NZ) beat Michael McDonald (AUS) 3-0 (15/11, 15/5, 15/12)


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