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Check out this page for links to draws and results of the upcoming global events our Kiwis are competing in.  Please like us on facebook to get up to the minute results:

Martin Knight at the Open de Squash Financiere Banque Nationale, Montreal, 19-24 October,,,13121~2615,00.html

Campbell Grayson at the Life Time Chicago Open, 23-26 October,,,13121~2485,00.html

Amanda Landers-Murphy at the Open D'Italia, 23-26 October, 

Lance Beddoes at the JSW PSA Indian Circuit 4, Chennai, 26-29 October,,,13121~2657,00.html

Martin Knight at the Bluenose Classic, Canada, 27 October - 1 November,

Campbell Grayson at the Madison Open, Madison USA, 30 October - 2 November,,,13121~2629,00.html

Evan Williams at the Mackay Open, Australia, 31 October - 2 November,,,13121~2458,00.html

Martin Knight at the Goodlife Open, Montreal, Canada, 6-9 November,,,13121~2649,00.html

Evan Williams at the Queensland Open, Australia, 6-9 November,,,13121~2468,00.html

Martin Knight at RC Pro Series, St Louis, USA, 12-15 November,,,13121~3009,00.html

Campbell Grayson and Lance Beddoes at the World Championships, Qatar, 13-21 November,

Evan Williams at the Caboolture Open, Australia, 14-16 November,,,13121~2457,00.html

Martin Knight at the Saskatoon Movember Boast, Canada, 18-21 November,,,13121~2843,00.html

Paul Coll and Lance Beddoes at the Dubai Squash Cup, 21-25 November,,,13121~2607,00.html

Megan Craig, Amanda Landers-Murphy, Kylie Lindsay and Rebecca Barnett at the World Women's Team Championships, Canada, 1-6 December,

If you are aware of any other Kiwis that are participating in international events not listed above, please contact us.

Good luck to all our kiwis competing overseas!

Further information

To see our Kiwis' international rankings, or find out more about the world squash tours, please visit the relevant websites...


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