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Insurance and Managing Risk


Insurance can be a costly overhead for clubs, particularly post-2012 and the Canterbury earthquakes. Squash NZ has asked Crombie Lockwood Insurance Brokers to provide a specific insurance scheme for affiliated squash clubsTestimonial

  Download the Bounceback Insurance Flyer here

Crombie Lockwood are offering reduced premiums and additional cover that will be more extensive and comprehensive.  Only major insurance companies (ie. the five major commercial insurance companies in NZ) will be used and, most importantly, it will also give both clubs and Squash NZ the opportunity to generate significant funds in the future.

Crombie Lockwood is New Zealand's largest insurance broker and they have recently purchased another big player in the insurance industry, FMR Risk, giving them 17 branches and 400 staff throughout New Zealand.

If your club is interested, please download the questionnaire below and email it to admin@squashnz.co.nz

Download the Bounceback Insurance Questionnaire here

* CANTERBURY clubs please note: There continues to be a capacity issue in Canterbury North of the Rakaia River up to Amberley. We suggest to clubs in this zone that they retain their existing policies for now and we will update you once capacity becomes available. If there are any Clubs that require earthquake cover we may be able to assist through an additional facility that would be a separate policy outside the BounceBack Scheme.

Managing Risk

Importantly, the law does not require clubs to provide a completely risk-free environment. Indeed, by agreeing to participate in sporting activities, participants will be taken to have consented to those risks which form an inevitable aspect of the activity. Clubs will not be required to take steps to counter risks where it would be unreasonable to expect a club to do so in the circumstances. Clubs will however be expected to adopt reasonable precautions against risks which might result in injuries or damages which are reasonably foreseeable. It's important to note that the club is not liable for personal injury from accidents for volunteers and members participating in the activities of the club.

Below are some documents that outline the importance of Risk Management and provide templates and samples...

Info Sheet BBQs and Sausage Sizzles

Information Sheet - Risk Management

Guidelines for Managing Risk in Sport Orgs

Sample - Sailing Club Risk Mngt Plan

Template - Event Risk Management Plan

The Sport NZ Toolkit's Health and Safety section also talks about managing risks for clubs.

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