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What is iSquash?

iSquash is an online squash tool for clubs and squash players, that includes various modules.

Download a full iSquash overview here

Membership Management this database contains the Squash NZ membership and feeds the other project modules
Grading List the grading list is a live system that updates overnight every night, which is fed from results entry entered online through any of the competition modules (interclub, tournaments, results entry)
Results Entry the initial mechanism to enter results via a Results Card
Interclub Management full interclub competition management including entries, draws, results, standings and easy results entry
Tournament Management a full tournament management package which includes entries, draws, results, standings and easy results entry. Online payments for this module are in development and will be available soon.
Online Court Booking an online booking system for clubs to use for internal members initially allowing clubs to manage court usage
Access and Security an online access system linked to the court booking and membership systems. for Online payments for this module are in development and will be available soon, allowing clubs to provide to the play-for-pay market.


Grading List changes, January 2014

The Combined Grading List was implemented in January 2014.  The main changes/features of the CGL include:

  • Women shifted to the Combined Grading List to enable any player on the Grading List to play against any other player, for points.  NB: women will still have their results from the last 365 days show up on their grading page as a record.
  • Changes to the J Grades and F Grade.  F Grade is now ‘adults only’.  J Grades have been reduced from five to four, and are for ‘juniors only’.  Instead of progressing from J1 to F grade, juniors will now go straight from J1 to E2.
  • B2 now starts at 2701 points, instead of 2801 points.
  • Automatic points loss for inactivity.
  • A number of aesthetic changes to improve the 'look and feel' of iSquash.  Please note that users can now access the Grading List section of iSquash without logging in – making it easier for friends, family and the media to follow .

Please note that  you may not be able to access all features of iSquash if you are using old, unsupported versions of internet browsers (eg. Internet Explorer 8).  We recommend downloading the free upgrade for your browser software.

For more information, please see this recent news article, or read these guidelines for players and clubs:

iSquash on Mobile Phones

After the upgrade on 11 April 2013 where we upgraded our server hardware and software, iSquash may not work on old versions of Android smartphones. If you cannot access iSquash through your android smartphone, try downloading the free "Firefox Browser for Android" application as iSquash will work on this browser (this app only works on Android 2.2 and above).

Manual Adjustments Policy

Under certain circumstances manual adjustments may be made to change players' grading points.  For information on how this can occur, please see the Manual Adjustments Policy Information Sheet:

iSquash Tournament Module

After extensive testing the iSquash tournament module is now available for clubs to use to run their tournaments.  A user-manual is available here: http://www.squash.org.nz/sit/support (you will need to log-in to iSquash to access it - under 'Help' on the left-hand menu).

Please note that although extensive testing has taken place, the development of the module is still very much a learning curve, for clubs and Squash New Zealand alike.  If you are experiencing problems, or would like help with the module, please contact us.

Players can also use the tournament module to enter themselves into tournaments.  A list of tournaments open to be entered in iSquash will appear on the iSquash homepage - just click on the hyperlink to get to the entry page.  Check your contact details when entering (if they are incorrect, you can update them in 'Edit my Profile' under the Welcome tab on the left-hand side of the page).  When you have successfully entered a tournament, a yellow star will appear next to it on the iSquash home page.  

Scoresheet Builder

Christchurch Squash Club has developed this scoresheet builder, which can be used in conjuction with the iSquash Tournament Module, and kindly agreed to share it with other clubs:  Scoresheet producer.

History of iSquash

The development of the Squash IT Platform was highlighted by the Squash New Zealand Strategic Plan in 2008 as a key driver for the development of squash in New Zealand. It was seen as an innovative use of technology as an enabler to clubs and as a sport development tool that would help squash to work together.


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