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Age you began playing squash? 13.

Who introduced you to squash? Both my parents played squash, my Dad still thinks he taught me everything I know!

First coach? Nat Tito (Kapiti Squash Club).

Right or left-handed? Right handed.

Favourite shot? Backhand volley drop or counter drop.

Favourite tournament venue? Evergreen Squash Club, Vancouver, where I won my biggest tournament.  Also Bayfair Shopping Mall in Tauranga where we played the New Zealand Classic in 2010.

Best friend(s) on tour? I have travelled a lot with Campbell, especially in the early years.  We get on well and it is great to have another kiwi on tour.  Most of the players are pretty friendly though.

Favourite city? I like North America.  Favourite city is tough to pick but Montreal is great, I spend a lot of time there.

Favourite food? I like all food, Italian and Thai restaurants are my favourites.

Most admired sportsperson? Roger Federer.

How do you relax between playing and training? Listen to music and watch movies.

Best achievement to date in squash? World Ranking of 38.

Dave Dobbyn or The Killers? Dave Dobbyn.

If you were stuck on a desert island, which three people would you like for company? Roger Federer - I think he is the complete athlete, I would love to have some time to pick his brain.  Jack Johnson - Can entertain by the camp fire.  Bear Grylls - If anyone can get us off the island, Bear can.

You're still stuck on the desert island, would you rather have a waffle maker or a John Deere tractor?  Why? Waffle-maker - who doesn't love waffles?

How many weetbix can you do? I have never tried but I'm sure at least ten.

Do you have any pre-match routines (food/superstitions/music)? I like to eat three and a half hours before I play.  Get to the club about 60-70 minutes before my match, zone out and listen to music before and during my warm-up.

Favourite subject at school? PE of course!

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