Squash New Zealand High Performance Programme

The Squash New Zealand High Performance Programme is majority-funded by High Performance Sport New Zealand (formerly part of SPARC). Sport New Zealand funding is based on results at key world events, including Commonwealth Games and World Championships.

For full details on the Squash New Zealand High Performance programme, please read the High Performance Programme Booklet below.  This booklet is designed to be a one-stop shop for High Performance information, and should answer any questions you may have.  If you have any further queries, please do not hesitate to contact us.  Please note that an update to this Booklet will be produced early in 2015, once more information on High Performance Sport New Zealand investment decisions is available, and Squash New Zealand's High Performance Advisory Panel has had an opportunity to to make decisions based on this information.

 2015 High Performance Booklet

High Performance Advisory Panel

In October 2014 Squash New Zealand convened a High Performance Advisory Panel.  The Panel was tasked with (among other things)  identifying and reviewing critical strategies, activities, budgets and outcomes required to achieve High Performance success, and make recommendations to the Squash New Zealand board. The full terms of reference of the High Performance Advisory Panel can be found here.

The Squash New Zealand High Performance Advisory Panel is made up of:

  • Paul Wright (Panel Leader)
  • Kashif Shuja
  • Grant Smith
  • Matt Taylor
  • Joanne Williams
  • Stephen Cunningham
  • Shelley Kitchen
  • Glen Wilson


Selection Policies 2016

Squash New Zealand's selection policies for teams can be found here:

2015 Youth Commonwealth Games

The Youth Commonwealth Games are held every four years.  In 2015 they will be held in Apia, Samoa, from 5-12 September.

The Squash New Zealand Junior Selectors will nominate athletes to compete at the event, with final selection power resting with the New Zealand Olympic Committee.

Selection nominations will take place on 1 May 2015, with selections confirmed later that month.

2015 Youth Commonwealth Games: Important Documents

High Performance Coaching

Squash New Zealand utilise the services of several contracted coaches to assist in the delivery of its High Performance Programme.  These coaches are bound by the Squash New Zealand High Performance Coaching Conficts of Interest policy:

 SNZ HP Contracted Coaches & COI Stance.

A number of coaches are used to help deliver the High Performance Programme.  These include:

High Performance Coach: Paul Hornsby
Elite Junior Girls Coach: Joanne Williams
Elite Junior Boys Coach: Robbie Wyatt
Junior Development Squad Coaches: Robbie Wyatt and Joanne Williams
Strength & Conditioning Coach: Tony Marsh

NB: Guest coaches will be invited to camps from time to time. These may include senior players, sports scientists or guest speakers. These are not considered 'contracted coaches'.

High Performance Funding 2015

Squash New Zealand has received a one year investment from High Performance Sport New Zealand to support High Performance squash in 2015.  

Overall there was a large reduction in the level of investment for the High Performance programme from High Performance Sport NZ, which reflects Squash New Zealand's failure to meet its performance target (three medals at the 2014 Commonwealth Games).  As a result, Squash NZ will review the High Performance budget and work through the options available to achieve our High Performance goals in 2013 and 2014.

Squash New Zealand CE Jim O'Grady was disappointed about the funding decision: "It is extremely disappointing to lose money from our high performance programme, which was on a shoestring budget already.  But High Performance Sport New Zealand have made the reasoning behind their decision very clear.  All we can do now is go away and work even harder to achieve better results in future".

"Options will now be considered by the Board, and by the High Performance Advisory Panel, as we consider how best to adjust to this funding reality.  We remain committed to a high performance programme that provides pathways for athletes to reach their full potential and produce winning performances on the world stage".

As this article in the New Zealand Herald outlines, the lion's share of the $33.5 million in annual funding to high performance sporting codes is taken up by targeted sports cycling, rowing and yachting.  Between them these sports account for nearly 40% of available funding.  Squash, at the other end of the spectrum, will receive just 0.6% of the overall pie.


Drugfree Sport New Zealand

Squash New Zealand adopts the Anti-Doping rules of Drugfree Sport New Zealand.  The rules can be found here:

It is also important for all athletes to be aware of what can put them at risk of a doping violation.

For information on supplements please refer to this article here


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