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World Junior Squads

These training squads are chosen by the Squash New Zealand Junior Selectors based on a combination of results and potential.

Criteria for entry to the squad:

Only players deemed to have the ability, desire and potential to represent New Zealand at the World Junior Championships will be considered for squad membership. These players may have the desire to be a Squash Professional in the future. Participation in the squad will introduce them to, and prepare them for, the demands of international squash.

The major goals of this squad are:

1. To prepare players for World Junior Championships
2. To prepare players to launch careers as full time squash players
3. To develop their game technically and tactically
4. To develop their physical capacity to play at the highest level
5. To educate players about the lifestyle, mental and emotional demands of professional squash.

Players will be given individual programmes and specific individual goals will be determined between the High Performance Coach and players. They will complete modified Individual Performance Plans and sign individual contracts.

Fitness Requirements

Regular fitness testing will be conducted throughout the season and individual targets agreed and set. Where a player has had the opportunity to make the fitness gains required to hold membership of a squad and has not reached set standards, their squad membership may be terminated.

Current Squad Members

World Junior Girls Squad

World Junior Boys Squad

  • Abbie Palmer
  • Abby Wotten
  • Ellie Epke
  • Anna Hughes
  • Casey Owen
  • Camden Te Kani-McQueen
  • Ellen Verry
  • Emily Flett
  • Emily Nash
  • Chapman Kutia
  • Joseph Lyons
  • Luke Cooper
  • Luke Jones
  • Max Trimble
  • Sam Sayes
  • Scott Galloway
  • Sion Wiggin
  • Jordan LeComte
  • Josh Oakley

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