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The membership segments every club database should have

If your club is to thrive into the future you need to pro-actively collect contact details on each and every person who comes through the door. These people will make up your club’s overall membership database which you can divide into the following five groups based on their level of engagement with the game.

Once your club’s database captures these different segments, it will be much easier to send relevant communications to each and engage them with your club based on what they want – rather than a one size fits all approach.

NZ Squash Segments

This process starts by looking at who plays (or doesn’t play) at your squash club. From here you can start to identify opportunities to grow and develop your prospective member database. Then it is about selling the benefits of membership to those people. Finally once you have them you then need to keep them and provide opportunites that meet their social or competitive needs.

Should someone not renew their membership do not delete them off your database. They simply become a prospect member again and you should follow up with them at a later date to get them back on board.

The good news is that iSquash Member Management can do all of this for you!

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