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Squash NZ have launched their new Strategic Plan for the next three years (2013-2015) with an over-arching vision of New Zealanders choosing squash.

This Strategic Plan outlines the direction for Squash New Zealand over the next 3 years. We have chosen 4 areas that are important to the growth and development of the sport: connection, pathways, clubs and leadership.

Within these areas, we have identified strategic goals that Squash NZ will focus on achieving within the period. To highlight how we will achieve these goals, we have included some operational goals.

Underpinning this whole plan is our vision that New Zealanders will choose squash, whether it is to play, coach, ref, volunteer, fund, sponsor, include in their newspaper, or deliver at their school. If this happens, then we will be successful in our mission to grow squash and increase participation. We promise to do all this with integrity, innovation and excellence.

The plan was launched at the Squash NZ AGM on 1 December 2012 and printed copies of the plan are with the Districts, to be given to all affiliated clubs. An electronic version of the plan can be found here.

Squash NZ Strategic Plan 2013-2015 overview

VISION: New Zealanders Choosing Squash

MISSION: Champion the genuine worth of squash and grow the sport together

VALUES: Integrity, Innovation, Excellence


  • Connection: technology, communication, campaigns, marketing
  • Clubs: welcoming, accessible, successful, modern
  • Pathways: community, high performance, events, coaching, referees
  • Leadership: governance, capability, collaboration, sustainability

 Download the full Strategic Plan here (1.9Mb)


An insight into the Four Strategic Areas...

Connection looks at technology, communication, campaigns and marketing where Squash NZ intends to strengthen key relationships and promote the sport using the latest available technology.

Squash NZ aims to support clubs to be welcoming, accessible, successful and modern, through a variety of means including a centralised library of resources, funding support and membership options.

Within pathways, Squash NZ will focus on pathways for all players (community), high performance pathways, continue their coach development work, create a referees framework to recruit and develop referees and ensure that relevant events are provided at all levels.

In terms of leadership, we wish to lead the sport cohesively through strong and capable governance, an effective national office, by working in collaboration with key stakeholders and to provide financial sustainability.

What will success look like in 2015?

  • Affiliated member numbers above 20,000
  • Stakeholder satisfaction surveyed at higher than 70%
  • 50% of Clubs using iSquash booking and/or access systems
  • Alternative income streams generate at least $100,000 in revenue
  • A flagship squash facility in each major population area of the country
  • Commonwealth Games medals and a World Champion

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