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'Increasing the Influence and Relevance of Squash NZ'

A group of Otago University MBA students have completed a case study of Squash NZ, and produced a report.

Squash New Zealand was lucky enough to be chosen as the subject of a case study by a group of students completing their Masters of Business Administration at Otago University in 2012.  The group of students tasked themselves with a comprehensive review of Squash New Zealand's day to day business and operational structure, with the objective of recommending areas of focus to increase membership.Volunteers

After several months of research and consultation, the group presented their final recommendations to the Otago University MBA teaching staff, who were so impressed that the group won the award for best presentation!

Their findings can be found in their final report (below), entitled Increasing the Influence and Relevance of Squash NZ'.  The report is well worth a read for dedicated volunteers who are determined to increase membership in their club/district.  The report can also be accessed in the 'For Clubs' - 'Case Studies' section of the website.

 Otago University MBA Report 2012 (3.0Mb)


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