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Superchamps, Other Teams Event Rules Released

The rules documents for some of Squash New Zealand's most popular events have been finalised for 2013.


What's New?

Timing: In order to make room for the popular new Champion of Champions event, Superchamps is earlier in the season this year.  We have also listened to feedback that the 'business end' of the season was too crowded, with key events scheduled too close together.  A conscious effort has therefore been made to spread our most popular events throughout the year.Superchamps logo

Dates: The 2013 Superchamps weekends are:

  • Superchamps District Eliminations: 21-23 June.
  • Superchamps National Finals: 21-25 August.

Eligibility: The eligibility date for Superchamps has changed.  This is partially due to the Superchamps timing change - with an earlier event the eligibility cutoff would have needed to be earlier too - but also due to a recommendation that has gained majority support from districts to move the Superchamps grading cutoff earlier in the season.  The rationale behind this is to give players and teams greater certainty as to whether they will be able to play Superchamps, and improve their ability to join a team, train, fundraise, and generally enjoy the Superchamps experience.  As a result, the 'hard and fast' June 15 date has been replaced by a fluid date eight weeks before the suggested weekend for Superchamps District Eliminations.  This also future-proofs the rule, as the eligibility date is automatically linked to the date of the Superchamps District Eliminations.

Players will be used to the June 15 grading list cutoff date; in 2013 the all important date is Friday 26 April.  Any grading list changes need to be actioned by April 25 to appear on the April 26 grading list (overnight).  Because April 25 is a public holiday, clubs may need to action grading list changes by April 24 or earlier - please contact your District for their final deadline.  As per usual Squash New Zealand will save and publish this official Superchamps eligibility grading list on our website.

Scoring: Due to a recommendation that has gained majority support from districts, scoring in all B Grade Superchamps competition will be PAR to 11.  All other grades will remain PAR to 15.

Further Information: For full information on rules and the event, please visit the Superchamps page of our website.

Cousins Shield Mitchell Cup

What's New?

The eligibility rules have not changed since the 2012 event, which involved significant changes from 2011.  As a general reminder:

Timing: The event will once again be played over the Queen's Birthday long weekend.  This year the host is Remuera Rackets Club.

Eligibility: Players must:

  • Be on the grading list for the club they wish to represent as at 1 April through to the conclusion of the event;
  • Live in the same district as the club they wish to represent;
  • Be a full financial member of the club they wish to represent; and
  • Play interclub for the club they wish to represent (or not play interclub for another club).

Imports: Once again, clubs that have two or fewer A graders (that are not both A1 players) may name one import player in their team.

Further Information: For full information on rules, the event and how to enter, please visit the Cousins Shield/Mitchell Cup page of our website.

 2012 Mitchell Cup winners North Shore (medium)

Above: 2012 Mitchell Cup winners North Shore Squash Club

Masters Club Teams

What's New?

Format: The format has changed from a three person team to a four person team.  Players may be male or female, but all must have a male grading code as male points are used to seed the competition.

Eligibility: Eligibility rules have not changed since last year, but for information players:

  • Must be over 35 years of age as at the first day of the event.
  • Must be full financial members of that club.
  • Must possess a male grading code.
  • Can only represent a club in the district in which they are resident, except where a player has contested 75% or more of the interclub fixtures for a club outside that district in the current season.

Further Information: For full information on rules and the 2013 event, please visit the Masters Club Teams page of our website.

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