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Referees are an integral part of our sport.  In recognition of this, Squash New Zealand offers a progression pathway aimed at encouraging referees to get involved in squash, and enabling them to improve their skills and continue to challenge themselves through refereeing as a pursuit.

There are currently three qualification levels recognised by Squash New Zealand - Club, District and National Referee.  The Club Referee Qualification has been newly reintroduced, and involves a simple theory test.  You can take this test from the comfort of your own home, and submit it for marking to the National Referee Director.  

You can qualify as a District Referee by sitting (and passing) theory and practical components of the District Referee test. Once qualified for at least 12 months, a District Referee can begin the theory and practical components of becoming a National Referee.  A National Referee can then work towards international levels of qualification.  Check out the Referee Framework page for more information on the progression pathway.

For more information, follow the links below, or contact Referees Director Chris Buckland (cm.buckland@xtra.co.nz) or Squash Director Michael Pittams (Michael@squashnz.co.nz).


Rules Nights

Want to run rules nights but don't have access to a National/District Referee?  Here are a few ideas of things you could do to keep your members engaged with the rules of squash, and ensure all players have the confidence to referee.  Info sheet Rules Nights

So You Think You Can Ref?

A series of video clips produced by PSA Squash TV provide some examples of tricky refereeing situations at the top level.  Probably too challenging for the beginner player, these could be useful for rules nights or for the budding referee wanting to challenge him/herself.  Check them out via this link: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLud1-JB6g2GK2CbXCQw7CVkgyCxN2z-4o.

The Call

Another great resource produced by PSA Squash TV, this is a channel full of video clips featuring refereeing decisions.  There is analysis of what the call should have been, and why.  A great resource for many common refereeing situations.


Let Decision-making Process


Qualifed Referees

The following is a list of New Zealand Referees qualifed up to District level.  If you are aware of any inaccuracies/omissions, please contact us.


Glenn Carson (Waikato)


Chris Buckland (Midlands)
Heather Findlay (Auckland)
Jackie Hamilton (Otago)
Peter Highsted (Wellington)
Mike Jack (Central)
Jan McAra (Southland)
Ross Minehan (Canterbury)
Dru Reid (Wellington)
Wayne Smith (Canterbury)
Nichol Taylor (Midlands)
Janet Udy (Canterbury)


Northland: Peter Gearing, Ashley Hart, Linda Matson, Fiona Moselen, Nelson Palmer.
Auckland: Aileen Buscke, Martin Knight, Pat McHugh, Terry Manuatu
Waikato: Ra Garrett
Bay of Plenty: nil
Eastern: Edmund Bradford, Joel LeComte, Keith Redman
Central: Marilyn Dolan, Di Tasker, Pauline Waite
Wellington: Matey Galloway
Canterbury: nil
Midlands: Kevin Leary, Hank Scott
Otago: Gerard DeCourcy, Sam Cross
Southland: nil



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