History of Squash in NZ

Past Presidents / Chairmen

1939-1946: G E F Kingscote, President, Wellington

1947-1965: R S Mitchell, President, Midlands

1965-1968: Dr T D C Childs, President, Auckland

1969-1971: Murray Day, President, Waikato

1972-1973: Don Green, President, Otago

1974-1976: Michael Sumpter, President, Auckland

1977-1979: M P Fenton, President, Southland

1980-1981: Michael D McCarthy, President, Otago

1982-1983: Bruce Davidson, President, Wellington

1984-1985: Andrew Doig, President, Central

1986-1987: M S Greig, President, Auckland

1988-1989: A J Watton, President, Eastern

1990-1992: R Southey, President, Wellington

1991-1991: Don Cotter, Chairman, Auckland

1992-1994: Sylvia Wesney, President, Nelson

1992-1994: P Adam, Chairman, Southland

1995-1997: B Gardiner, President, Canterbury

1995-1997: M Withern, Chairman, Canterbury

1998-1998: Nevan Barbour, Chairman, Auckland

1999-2002: D Bassett, Chairman, Wellington

2002-2007: Gerard De Courcy, Chairman, Otago

2007-2009: Jim O'Grady, Chairman, Canterbury

2009-2012: Neil McAra, Chairman, Southland

2012-2013: Wayne Werder, Chairman, Bay of Plenty

2013-2015: Tony Johnston, Chairman, Otago

2016-present: Greg McKeown, Chairman, Auckland

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