CoachForce is all about 'coaching the coaches'. The CoachForce network (also called coach developers or facilitators) go out and develop, support and motivate club and school coaches so they are able to provide their athletes and participants with fun, safe and quality squash experiences. To maintain and improve quality coach development opportunities, Squash New Zealand provides extra support, a special toolkit and advanced training in facilitation for the CoachForce network. This is supported (where required) with Sport New Zealand's Coach Developer Training programme and aligns with international best practice in coach delivery and development.

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More coaches = more players. Better coaches = better players.


NZCT CoachForce web

With special thanks to the NZ Community Trust 

CoachForce Impact Report - web

CoachForce Impact Report 2011-2016

Learn more about the important role that developing more and better squash coaches are having on increasing participation and enjoyment in clubs and schools throughout the country.

CoachForce District Breakdown - web

CoachForce District Breakdown Report 2011-2016

Take a look at the scoreboard for each region in terms of coach development activity over the past 6 years

Case Studies

See how the CoachForce programme has made a difference to some of our regional District Associations and their clubs and schools during 2015-2016:

  • Squash Central - CoachForce Case Study 2015-2016. Click here
  • Squash Midlands - CoachForce Case Study 2015-2016. Click here
  • Squash Waikato - CoachForce Case Study 2015-2016. Click here

Contact your District's CoachForce Officer

Squash Northland
Annie Greene

P: 027 437 4722

Squash Auckland
John Fletcher
P: 09 623 7855

Squash Waikato
Glenda Knox
P: 027 475 7516

Squash Bay of Plenty
Robbie Wyatt

P: 027 467 1918

Squash Central
Pauline Slovak
P: 021 0224 9003

Squash Wellington
Barry Ryan
P: 027 360 0299

Squash Canterbury
Karen Boag
P: 028 2556 2091

Squash Midlands
Linda Kenny
P: 027 424 8504

Squash Otago
Aynsley Munro
P: 03 476 2040

Squash Southland
Simon Budd

P: 022 109 0665

Keen to join the CoachForce network (and coach the coaches)?

Squash New Zealand are always on the lookout for suitably experienced coaches to join the CoachForce network as facilitators. Find out what it takes to join the Squash CoachForce

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