National Squads 

AON Junior Development Squad

Entry level to the Squash NZ High-Performance Athlete Pathway for competitive squash players with HP aspirations, learning the foundations of performance.

Click here for the JDS Squad Training Program 2020 including goals, expectations and selection criteria: JDS

Elite Junior Squad

Introduction to High-Performance environments and international competition. Athletes demonstrating potential for future high-performance involvement. Tracking towards national team representation in 1-3 years’ time.

Click here for the Elite Junior Squad Training Program 2020 including goals, expectations and selection criteria: Elite Junior Squad (1)

World Junior Squad

Preparation for the transition to full time high performance training. World junior championships preparation squad. Athletes with success at junior level and tracking towards the World Junior Championships and High-Performance development in 2-3 years time.

Click here for the World Junior Boys Squad Training Program 2020 (team year) including goals, expectations and selection criteria: World Junior Boys Squad GC

Click here for the World Junior Girls Squad Training Program 2020 (individuals year) including goals, expectations and selection criteria: World Junior Girls Squad GC

Young New Zealand Squad

The Young New Zealand Squad is aimed at developing young players and those who have recently left the junior ranks to help them to become professional squash players. Commencement of full-time High-Performance Programme involvement.

High-Performance National Squad

Pursuit and preparation for international success and sustained international podium performance There are two stages within the HP National Squad – (i) athletes consistently achieving world ranking goals and tracking towards podium performance at world championships in 1-4 years, and (ii) athletes demonstrating potential for ongoing podium success.

Squash NZ High-Performance Athlete Pathway 

Squash in New Zealand has a proud history of players achieving at major international events, Commonwealth Games and World Championships. Our most recent successes include two gold medals, one silver and one bronze medal at the 2018 Gold Coast Commonwealth Games. We have two players in the worlds top 10. Not only do we want to continue this success, but we want to develop a sustainable high-performance environment that consistently produces podium winning athletes.

Squash New Zealand’s Mission for the High-Performance Programme is  “To create a High-Performance environment that is cohesive, inclusive, supports growth, and produces players capable of learning and succeeding on the world stage.” To achieve our vision, we must have in place a strong high-performance system with a clear athlete pathway. A structured pathway enables us to identify, track and support athletes as they transition from junior squads to international performer.

Click here to see Squash NZ Athlete Pathway

High Performance Booklet 2019

The purpose of the High-Performance Booklet is to provide a reference document about Squash NZ's High-Performance Programme including athlete pathway, world team selection policies and expectations of programme members.

Click here to see the HP 2019 Booklet Updated May 2019 

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