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Important Announcement: iSquash Shut Down 2nd Feb

Important Announcement: iSquash will be shut down for maintenance on Thursday 2nd February , starting at 3:00pm for 3 hours.

Squash New Zealand will be undertaking a number of upgrades to iSquash these include:

  • Change to display of grading list
  • Update of grading points ranges
  • Points adjustment changes
  • Rounding of points
  • Nickname changes
  • Addition of further reports

Details on the changes can be found below. 

Should there be any issues after the work has been carried out please contact Squash New Zealand


Phone 09 815 6770

Change to Display of Grading List

This change will make the system more gender specific from a viewing perspective. The public grading list will display the Men and Womens grading lists as two separated lists (as below). IMPORTANT the single grading list will still be in operation and all previous competition rules will be adhered to. When a user has logged in they will see a single list similar to the current system but this will default to the user's club and gender. All search functions will operate as before. 

Public Grading List Example

Split Grading List 1

User Logged in Grading List

Logged Grading List


Update of Grading Points Ranges

This will change all grades to start on round numbers rather than on 1's. This will lock all previous records and results will not be recalculated. The new grading bands will be as follow:

Grading List Ranges

Points Adjustment Changes

Players on more than 2400 points and are over 300 points in front of their opponent, when this person wins they will receive 5 points where previously they would have received nothing. This can be seen above. 

Rounding of Points

All players on the grading list are to be on a 0, 5 or a multiple of 5. Players on 1 would move forward to 5 e.g. 1311 would move to 1315. Players on 2116 would move to 2120.

Nickname Changes

Change to Member Management, Member Profile and User Registration so that the First Name and Surname are indicated as being your Legal names. The display of names to exclude the nickname and only include the legal names. The nickname will still be used for searching within the grading list. 

Addition of Further Reports

2 new reports will be added which will be accessible to club administrators. Further details are available in the club administrators manual. 

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