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Ready to become a Squash Coach?

Squash NZ is committed to supporting and developing squash coaches throughout the country.

Coaches are critical to helping squash players improve and grow their love for the sport. Anyone can become a coach. All you need is a keen interest in the game of squash, the right attitude and a willingness to work with others to learn and build a positive team environment.

What it takes to join the Squash Coaching Network

Hook up with your nearest Squash Club or regional Squash District, do some training and then take to the courts.

Step 1: Find a club

Once you have identified the group of players you want to work with and club you want to coach at, contact the club or district administrator to find out what upcoming opportunities exist.

Step 2: Initial training

The coaching modules will give you the tools and techniques you need to create quality squash lessons in every class. You will receive programme manuals, DVD resources and hands-on guidance from certified and experienced coach facilitators.

Step 3: Teach

As soon as you have completed the required coaching modules you can start coaching your own classes. Congratulations! You are officially part of the 1000 strong coaching network that is changing lives throughout New Zealand.

Ongoing Development

Additional Module Training

Experience an in-depth exploration of technique and theory to elevate your coaching from good to great with additional coaching modules.

Workshops and Conferences

Connect with some of the country's top coaches at inspiring coaching conference events. You will experience new activities and learn techniques that help improve your classes. You can also find out about the latest education and research.


For coaches looking for one-on-one coaching and personal support, coach mentoring is ideal. You will learn from other coaches and receive feedback on your coaching.

Coach mentoring is a process that aims to support and advance coaches at all levels of sport. Mentor coaches will work with the mentee coach to develop and strengthen their coaching skills, be a sounding board for problems, to help identify areas that could be further improved, or just be a source of motivation.

Mentors are not always 'Masters' but can be your peers as well - so as long as they can provide constructive and objective feedback to support you. Mentoring relationships can be formally structured with mentors assigned to coaches, or they can be informal and grown out of conversation. Regardless, they can be useful for coaches at all levels.

Sport New Zealand have put together a Coach Mentor Programme.

Personal Development

Quality coaches continually strive to improve, develop and challenge themselves. This can be achieved by:

  • Gaining appropriate coaching qualification(s). For example, completing a University degree.
  • Attending seminars and coaching clinics. For example, attending the Squash New Zealand module courses, the National Coaching Conferences, other workshops offered by Regional Sports Trusts.
  • Observing other coaches (both within squash and outside of squash).
  • Reading books an articles.
  • Gaining feedback on their sessions from other coaches (critical friend, coach mentor or master coach) and players.
  • Reflecting on their own performance. For example, filling in a Self Assessment Sheet following each session.
  • Developing a Personal Development Plan to outline targets and ways to achieve these.

We have a dedicated Coaching Director who is responsibile for delivering the National Coach Development Framework and offering other support to coaches. Click on the links below for more information...

National Coach Development Framework
Coaching Resources (including techniques videos)
National Coaching Awards
Coaching Advisory Panel
Coaching Opportunities


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