Affiliation to Squash New Zealand

The Benefits of Affiliating

Join the movement and choose to be a part of the national squash family that is committed to making a major difference in the squash community and helping people fall in love with the sport.

As a part of the New Zealand squash family, you’ll love the great networking opportunities, as well as the helpful insights and case studies that other local squash clubs across the country are willing to share. We will help you develop people who are committed to supporting your club's goals and bringing more people inside your facility. To help you attract and secure engaged and motivated participants, we will also provide you with marketing resources that are so eye-catching and effective you’ll be proud to use them. Plus we’ll give your club ongoing programme training and capability support, which makes tackling some of those tricky issues simple.

Read more about the benefits of affiliating and belonging to the New Zealand squash family here (PDF)


Reaffiliating to Squash New Zealand

Clubs and facilities choose not to affiliate for various reasons. Partner with us when you are ready to lift your game. Simply follow the guidelines below and we'll do the rest.

Reaffiliation Process

  • Squash Club / Facility applies in writing to affiliate to regional Squash District Association.
  • Squash District sends confirmation to Squash New Zealand once Club / Facility has become regionally affiliated.
  • Squash Club / Facility completes reaffiliation grant form and sends to District.
  • Squash District counter signs reaffiliation grant form and sends to Squash New Zealand.
  • Squash New Zealand uses reaffiliation grant form to add Squash Club / Facility committee members to iSquash.
  • Squash Club / Facility committee members then add other club members.
  • Squash Club / Facility completes annual membership and SEM returns at the end of the financial year.
  • Squash New Zealand levy is invoiced to Squash Club / Facility.

Reaffiliation Grant

Squash clubs / facilities who are considering reaffiliating with Squash New Zealand may be eligible for a Reaffiliation Grant (WORD) - a joint offer from Squash New Zealand and the regional District Associations.

Please complete the application form and get your regional District Association to sign off, along with a copy of the current Squash New Zealand SEM declaration form.

An example

SEM Declaration Grading Levy
Club squash income $10,000 Senior graded players 25
Senior subscription $250.00 Junior graded players 5
SEM number 40 Leisure players 20

Squash NZ levy is made up as follows:

SEM affiliation levy 40 x $25.20 = $1008.00
Senior grading list levy 25 x $12.00 = $300.00
Junior grading list levy 5 x $5.00 = $25.00
TOTAL = $1333.00 + GST
Rebate = $666.50 + GST

For further information please contact us.


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