Case Studies

The New Zealand squash case studies celebrate innovate thinking and success. It is hoped that other clubs and District Associations can learn and use the information to implement positive change within their own environments. If you are interested in learning more about a particular case study, contact Squash New Zealand or the club directly.

To participate in the Case Studies Competition and share your club's success stories: CLICK HERE or download a submission form HERE (WORD)

Learn how clubs the country over are taking their business to the next level

Innovative ways of increasing participation and membership

Innovative ways of creating a great junior experience

Innovative ways of creating a female friendly environment

Innovative ways that squash clubs have approached improving the squash experience through facility development

Innovative ways of managing and rewarding volunteers, coaches, referees and administrators

Innovative approaches to promoting and supporting squash

Innovative ways of creating revenue - including outside of the traditional squash club operation


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