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Your club should be a fun place where people gather to enjoy themselves, strive towards their health and fitness goals on and off the squash courts and socialise with their friends and family. The key to a successful club is creating more connections with your members. To do this you need to motivate your members and help them fall in love with squash by offering experiences that they find addictive. This way they’ll fall in love with your club and never be tempted to leave.

The following provides relevant information, guides and templates to assist local clubs, their people and their operations to grow squash at the community level; and to ensure best practice is followed.

Club Financial Analysis

Squash New Zealand has completed a club financial analysis project aimed at understanding a benchmark of income and expenditure at the club level. Within the analysis additional information is also displayed on membership and court numbers. To view the 2016 Club Financial Analysis results click here - a full report is available on request from Squash New Zealand

Some questions to consider:

  • Where are we sourcing our income from - Membership fees? Court hire? Events? Bar? Venue Hire? Programmes? Pro-shop?
  • Which area(s) of our club are covering its own costs (money out = money in) - Programmes? Events? Bar? Coaching?
  • What is the most profitable area of our club? 
  • What percentage of members benefit from it?
  • Do subscription fees cover Administration costs? Facility maintenance costs?
  • Does income from programmes cover coaching and indirect costs?

Industry Insights

Read the latest information on consumer behaviour, trends and best practice in the sports industry. Click here

Case Studies

Learn from other squash clubs around the country. Click here

Sport New Zealand Club Kit

There are a range of resources available on the Sport New Zealand website for all clubs to use. Click here


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