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iSquash Online Booking & Access

The integrated Online Court Booking and Access Systems are freely available for all affiliated clubs to enable better utilisation of facilities for both club members and casual participants. The systems utilise a custom-made online booking portal through iSquash to allow players to access squash courts at any time.

iSquash Online Booking

The iSquash Online Booking system software allows members to make and manage court bookings online from any location with an internet connection. A small computer kiosk can also be setup within the club so members can view the availability of courts, check who should be on the courts and make a booking.

Click here (PDF) for more information on iSquash Online Court Booking and how to setup at your club.

Read our Online Booking FAQs (PDF)

iSquash Access

The iSquash Access software controls door entry and lighting (to come on with court bookings) to club facilities.

Read our Access FAQs (PDF)


For clubs with iSquash Access, Pay2Play is also available which allows members of the public to book and pay for a court online; and access the facility using an iSquash generated PIN code.

Click here (PDF) for more information on iSquash Access and Pay2Play and how to setup at your club.

Read our Pay2Play FAQs (PDF)


 Download the Pay2Play logos here (ZIP)

Making a booking with Pay2Play

  1. Open your web browser and go to iSquash
  2. Enter your iSquash login and password.
  3. Click Login.

Once you are logged into iSquash, you can make a court booking.

  1. Click 'Pay to Play Clubs'.
  2. Select the club you wish to make a booking with. You will be taken to a bookings calendar.
  3. Select the time slot you wish to book.
  4. Click OK to confirm your booking.
  5. Click Pay for Booking to book your chosen time slot.

Payment is made via credit card.

  1. Enter your credit card details.
  2. Click Submit.
  3. A booking confirmation page will be generated. This will include details on how to gain access to the courts and other relevant information.


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