iSquash Online Booking, Access and Pay2Play

iSquash Online Booking software is available to all affiliated squash clubs and is another module of iSquash which assists clubs in providing services to their membership. The module allows club members to make and manage court bookings from any internet connection and provide clubs with important information on court usage.

iSquash Access is another module of iSquash that is available to clubs. It is linked to iSquash so that clubs do not have to manage two different databases, the software controls door entry and lighting to your club. Lighting will come on with court bookings and door access is all controlled through iSquash.

For those clubs with iSquash Access, iSquash Pay2Play is also available. This will allow members of the public to book a court online, pay for it and then access the building using a PIN that is generated through iSquash.

Check out this video to see just how easy it is to book using iSquash Pay2Play.

For more information about iSquash Access and Pay2Play, please contact Squash NZ or download the Information Sheet here...

Benefits of iSquash Online Booking

Download the Online Booking informatino sheet here 

  • Effective method of managing court bookings, allowing members to book courts from any internet connection
  • Allows club control over their court booking rules - including number of days booked in advance and maximum number of bookings per member
  • Links directly to the iSquash Membership Management database and Grading List
  • Ability to link to the iSquash Access system with Pay2Play (online bookings and payments)
  • Part of a single solution for club management

Features of iSquash Online Booking

  • the system is a locked down web browser that can only access the iSquash Online Booking site (ie. no other websites)
  • the kiosk displays an updated current booking page for the site (without needing to login)
  • Members can also login to the system (with their iSquash username and password) onsite, to amend bookings or perform any other functions of iSquash (eg. access the Grading List, Results Entry etc). If the member forgets to log out, the kiosk will reboot automatically after a fixed period of time.
  • To ensure that no private information is retained the kiosk boots from the USB Flash Drive and does not allow any information to be stored.

iSquash OB

Initial Costs of Installing iSquash Online Booking

Squash NZ can provide a small kiosk PC for onsite display, bookings and management for approx $1000 (+GST). Due to a fluctuating computer market, please contact Squash NZ for the latest pricing information.

The USB flash drive with pre-configured software (for onsite management of web booking) which also allows for future extension to the access system is availabe from Squash NZ for a one-off cost of $250.

Squash NZ can also provide an ADSL Router with Wifi (for broadband internet connection on site) for $250 although many ISPs will provide this upon connection.

The intiial online booking configuration is FREE for any affiliated Squash NZ Club

Warranty Information

Squash NZ and will provide the following warranty:

  • one (1) year from date of purchase (excluding the USB Flash Drive) for the supplied hardware
  • six (6) months from date of purchase for the USB Flash Drive and its software
  • twelve (12) months from date of purchase for the hardware and preconfigured software if purchased as a complete package

Squash NZ will not warrant the application or any other software/hardware when only the USB Flash Drive is supplied.

Conditions of Sale

  • The kiosk PC does not come in a secure enclosure. It is recommended that the screen and machine housing are enclosed to prevent damage or loss.
  • The total cost does NOT include freight as this will depend on the delivery location
  • Installation is not included
  • All prices quoted are inclusive of GST (at 15%)

Please note: Clubs can use their own computer but Squash NZ cannot guarantee that iSquash Online Booking will work on this computer and cannot provide any support or a guarantee. The software WILL NOT work on a Mac Apple, it must be a PC.

Ongoing Costs of using iSquash Online Booking

The only ongoing cost of using the online booking system is the monthly cost of broadband to the club. iSquash support and ongoing development is provided to affiliated clubs from Squash NZ at NO COST.

Notes on Internet Connection

  • The internet connection must include a Static IP Address
  • Whilst the internet connection can offer Wifi to a club, the computer must be hard-wired to the modem

How to Implement iSquash Online Booking at your Club

To set up iSquash Online Booking, clubs will need to contact Squash NZ who will provide:

  • confirmation of the latest costs and charges
  • a configuration questionnaire for the club with details on the setup of Online Booking
  • an order form for the club to select the products they wish to purchase from Squash NZ
  • Online Booking instructions for the club to amend and send out to all members
  • ongoing support through the installation and setup process

Further Information

For further information, download the online booking infomation sheet here  or to set up iSquash Online Booking at your club, please contact us


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