History of Squash in NZ

"I was there" - the first reference to squash in New Zealand

On 23 November 1919 Herbert N Watson wrote from Palmerston North to his kiwi friend D.H Riddiford, then in England, on a series of matters, including golf and racing. He penned the letter having just returned from the New Zealand Cup in Christchurch where he had sailed by boat. He said he 'did not turn a hair on the trip" thanks to having previously got rid of his 'inside fat' by STRENUOUS SQUASH PLAYING.

This letter is in the 1998 publication 'I was there' a recording of dramatic first hand accounts of New Zealand history.

So is established possibly the first reference to squash being played in New Zealand, as it is known that Herbert Watson has his own private court at his home in Palmerston North.

It wasn't until the 1930's however that the sport began to evolve on a broader base.

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