Referee Resources

Referees need to have a full understanding of the rules of the game and how to implement them in order to take charge at a match, tournament or competition. Below are some useful refereeing resources for clubs and individuals to help conduct matches safely and in accordance with the rules.

Singles Squash Rules 

Doubles Squash Rules 

Some Typical On Court Situations

Some Typical On Court Situations poster

Examples of common on court situations and how to deal with these.

Let Please A Beginners Guide

Let Please: A Beginners Guide poster

A basic flow chart to help you make the right call.

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So You Think You Can Ref?

"So You Think You Can Ref?" - a series of video clips produced by Squash TV provide some examples of tricky refereeing situations at the top level. Probably too challenging for the beginner player, these could be useful for rules nights or for the budding referee wanting to challenge him / herself.  

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Tournament Referee Documents

These documents are important for a referee who attends a National, International or even a club event. Make sure you understand all of the documents prior to attending an event. 

National Tournament Referees Responsibilities

Appraisal Sheet (WSO)
Squash New Zealand Referees Code of Ethics

Referee Activity Sheet

Code of Expected Behaviour

Tournament Referee Report Form 
Ref Expense Claim Form
Referees Activity Sheet 
Code of Conduct Report Sheet

Some Common Rule Examples

There are some rules out there which catch even the best referee! Do you know what to do in the following situations:

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