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Squash Mates is an extremely fun way to play squash with family members, friends and / or colleagues over the course of 4-8 weeks. Take part in an active and entertaining social squash league in groups, whilst at the same time receiving sufficient on court time to achieve success and receive the many benefits that playing squash offers.

Ways to Play - Squash Mates

Squash Mates can be tailored to meet your club’s target audiences. For example:

  • Squash ‘Business’ Mates - business house social leagues
  • Squash ‘School’ Mates - secondary school social leagues
  • Squash ‘Uni’ Mates - university social leagues
  • Squash 'Serious' Mates - more competitive leagues
  • Squash ‘Super’ Mates - Masters social leagues

Scorehorse App

Scorehorse App

Squash Mates leagues can utilise the Scorehorse app, which makes it easy to enter players, create draws, keep scores, change rankings and communicate results.

Insights and advice

Discover the secrets to making the most of Squash Mates. Find out more

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Looking to offer Squash Mates?

We've got all the resources to help you market Squash Mates effectively from posters to images to logos here.

Frequently asked questions

Where can I find a club that offers Squash Mates?

To find a club that offers Squash Mates programmes click here.

Is there an easy way to manage the draw?

Yes, we recommend using the New Zealand developed Scorehorse app.

What do I need to bring for Squash Mates?

All you need is comfortable workout clothes, supportive shoes, a drink bottle and a sweat towel.

How often should I play squash?

For the best results we suggest you get on court at least twice a week. Take a look at our videos to help you learn the basics, or chat to a fellow club member for some tips.

How experienced do I need to be?

The great news is that Squash Mates can be for people who have never played before, those who have received some basic coaching or participants returning after a long absence. It only takes a few sessions before you will start to feel comfortable on the court so don’t give up!

What if I can’t do the moves?

The technique for squash is super simple so even the most inexperienced player will pick it up in no time. Your coach is there to work with you and provide you with challenges that meet your needs. You’ll find your skills and fitness will improve over a number of sessions.

How can I get a Squash Mates programme in my club?

Simply get in touch with us. We look forward to hearing from you.

Become a Squash Mates coach

We're always looking for people with a high degree of enthusiasm and a willingness to help other people fall in love with squash. You can find out all you need to know on our coaching pages.

Ready for action?

Locate your nearest squash court here.

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