Referee Pathway

If you have the right skills then we'll help you achieve it. Whether you want to referee local matches or have ambitions to officiate at the highest level, there is a structure in place to help you get there. Referees are supported as they move through the pathway through events and mentoring opportunities and are offered assessments whenever possible.

Referee Pathway

Step 1: Club Referee

Start your refereeing journey by doing the free online referee exam. 

Club referees can be expected to referee matches up to their own playing level, but may be able to do higher levels depending on experience and ability.  It must be recognised that no practical assessment is completed for a club referee, and successful candidates should therefore be confident but still take care with the level of matches they choose to referee.

Step 2: District Referee

Club referees may wish to work towards being a District level referee if you have passed the Online Club Referees Exam within the last two years. Referees are normally expected to:

Step 3: National Referee

The National level is awarded to referees who have proved their ability and commitment at this level. Referees are expected to:

Step 4: Regional Referee

Squash New Zealand supports qualified national level referees to progress towards Regional Referee status with Oceania Squash. Becoming a regional referee allows referees the opportunity to take part in major events. 

Step 5: World Referee

Regional level referees who demonstrate exceptional skills and commitment are nominated to the World Squash Federation for consideration for World Squash referee appointment. At this level referees must meet all the requirements detailed in the competency based training and assessment programme for WSF Referees.

Looking for some resources?

To support you in your role as a referee and to help you to develop, we have a number of downloadable resources here.

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