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Find out the top players in New Zealand in Junior, Senior and Masters Age Groups. For the senior and junior ranking list criteria, check out the HP 2020 Booklet

2020 Junior Rankings

Squash New Zealand will produce three rank lists per season to be published on the Squash New Zealand website.

  • 1st May 2020 (age-group as at birthdate 1st May)
  • 2nd Aug 2020 (age-group as at birthdate 2nd Aug)
  • 2nd Nov 2020 (age-group as at birthdate 26th Oct)

The May and August ranking lists will be taken from grading list points.

The November ranking list will take into consideration:

  • Grading list points
  • Results at the 2020 NZ Junior Age Groups Nationals Individuals Championships
  • Results are the 2020 NZ National Junior Teams Championships (where applicable)
  • Grading list activity

The lists are final and is subject to the discretion of the junior selectors. Players are ranked in their current  age-group and not included in multiple age-group lists.

August 2020 Junior Rank List

All players are listed on the grounds of the COVID-19 shut down and limited playing opportunities available.

Under 11 GirlsUnder 11 Boys
Rank     Player NameDistrict       Rank      Player NameDistrict
1Griffiths, AgathaAuckland1Waitai, ZezimaBOP
2Valois, BrookeBOP2Laing, ZacNorthland
3Ellery, CaseyCanterbury3Bolland, NevinCanterbury
4Tawhiti, SarahWaikato4Lim, DominicCanterbury
5Turfrey, TylerEastern5Scarisbrick, BenMidlands
6Ricketts, AmaliaAuckland6Hansen, MasonSouthland
7Preston, IvanaCanterbury7Pinvanichkul, GabeWaikato
8Comeskey, LaraWellington8Chathury, VihanBOP
9Stubbing, CharlieBOP9Pomare, MarcusWaikato
10Brenssell, DeltaOtago10Robb, BenjaminCanterbury
11Bennett, PiperCentral11Griffith, RyanWellington
12Cartney, GeorgieMidlands12Gannon, EamonWellington
13Waldron, DorotheaAuckland13Watson, SamCentral
14Young, EmmaBOP14O'Connor, BrettAuckland
15Burra, AmeliaCanterbury15Darlington, EthanCentral 
16Keall, GeorjaWellington16Hansen, ZavierSouthland
Under 13 GirlsUnder 13 Boys
Rank Player NameDistrictRank Player NameDistrict
1Lepper, ZoeAuckland1Smith, LiamWaikato
2Pausch, JustineAuckland2Flynn, ElvisAuckland
3Spencer, GraceAuckland3Bennett, BrodieCentral
4Bannister, AriaCentral4Gannon, TheoWellington
5Kennerley, GenevieveBOP5Mathews, MaximusCentral
6Hotham, MaiyaBOP6Bailey, MaxAuckland
7Kinnear, BelleEastern7O'Loughlin, HarryCanterbury
8Rhodes, HayleyNorthland8Darlington, ThorCentral
9DeNardi-Gonzalez, Sophia   Wellington9Letica, KarlAuckland
10Pilcher, FrancescaEastern10Sathish, SuryaAuckland
11Davy, CharlizeWaikato11Traill, TaneNorthland
12Brenssell, GraceOtago12Maunder, OllieNorthland
13Moran, VictoriaCanterbury13Gibbs, TedWellington
14Dowland, ScarlettBOP14Tagg, LeoSouthland
15Cowley, NeveSouthland15Stanyon, JamesWellington
16Craig, CarlyCanterbury16Taylor, MarleyAuckland
Under 15 GirlsUnder 15 Boys
Rank   Player NameDistrictRank Player NameDistrict
1Lash, EllaAuckland1Prince, CharlieCanterbury
2Romero, AnabelCentral2Hebberd, ChristopherCanterbury
3Coe, Maiden-LeeWellington3Jameson, FreddieNorthland
4Smales, MaiaAuckland4Venmore, FlynnNorthland
5Davy, AlyssaWaikato5Dunbar, OliverWellington
6Hill, EllaBOP6Forde, BenAuckland
7Karati, MoriyaCanterbury7McCracken, RileyAuckland
8Traill, ChelseaNorthland8Frisken, JackCanterbury
9Tait, MackenzieWellington9Holmes, ReeceCentral
10Lim, AnastasiaCanterbury10Hansen, AshtonSouthland
11Merson, EmmaBOP11Brookland, FlynnMidlands
12Junior, MemphisAuckland12Naidu, VivanAuckland
13Lotfy, AishahAuckland13Po, AddisonCanterbury
14Kennerley, HopeBOP14Goodson, FinnAuckland
15Aspinall, LucyAuckland15Rae, MacGregorMidlands
16Wyllie, ErinBOP16Williams, BoydBOP
Under 17 GirlsUnder 17 Boys
Rank Player NameDistrictRank Player NameDistrict
1Hodges, SophieWaikato1Smythe, JoeBOP
2Sayes, NatalieAuckland2Smales, MasonAuckland
3Gregory, JenaEastern3Moran, PaulCanterbury
4Templeton, KatieBOP4Fatialofa Jr, ApaAuckland
5Galloway, DoraWellington5Ko, RyanCanterbury
6Pepper, AshleeAuckland6Marshall, TomCanterbury
7Leakey, AnneAuckland7Steyn, LukeBOP
8Ferguson, SheaNorthland8Butterick, ScottCanterbury
9Toghill, MarthaOtago9Gale, LiamCanterbury
10Morgan, ShanelleWaikato10Dudley, JacobSouthland
11Curd-McCullough, PetraCanterbury11Thomas, NoahAuckland
12Millard, CaitlinCanterbury12Saunders, MazNorthland
13Bell, GenevieveCentral13Kwan, JaeAuckland
14Hawkes, ClaudiaWellington14Pilcher, IsaacEastern
15Cornish-Madden, BrookeMidlands15Jowsey, RossAuckland
16Joyce, RakairoaÉastern16Steventon, MarkWellington
Under 19 GirlsUnder 19 Boys
Rank Player NameDistrictRank Player NameDistrict
1Jackson, AnikaWaikato1Thomas, ElijahAuckland
2Faint, AnnaleiseCentral2Templeton, GlennBOP
3Robcke, GeorgiaWaikato3Fatialofa, LeoAuckland
4Galloway, CharlotteAuckland4Vette-Blomquist, Riley-Jack   Northland
5Hodges, LeahWaikato5Webster, CampbellWellington
6Rae, LilyMidlands6Fleming, KobeWellington
7O'Connor, AnnaSouthland7Conder, JackAuckland
8Fyfe, GeorgiaAuckland8Arelmann, ArndAuckland
9Marshall, LeonieCanterbury9Kelly, SamWaikato
10Reid, BrookeCentral10Love, TarinAuckland
11Carson, HayleyWaikato11Webber, LoganBOP
12Holmes, AbbieCentral12Bhide, IshaanAuckland
13Knutson, EllaCanterbury13Moran, HenryCanterbury
14Russell, AnikaBOP14Tomlinson, BenAuckland
15Saies, RubyAuckland15Henderson, BraedynWaikato
16Evans, BriarAuckland16Adams, BenjaminBOP

Current Senior Rankings July 2019

The results-based ranking is based on performances throughout the season at PSA events, national events, head-to-heads at PSA and national events and grading points.


Men Women
  1. Paul Coll (Canterbury)
  2. Campbell Grayson (Auckland)
  3. Evan Williams (Wellington)
  4. Lwamba Chileshe (Waikato)
  5. Gabe Yam (Auckland)
  6. Anthony Lepper (Auckland)
  7. Joel Arscott (Auckland)
  8. Temwa Chileshe (Waikato)
  9. Elijah Thomas (Auckland)
  10. Willz Donnelly (Eastern)
  11. Zac Millar (Waikato)
  12. Kashif Shuja (Central)
  13. Sion Wiggin (Auckland)
  14. George Crosby (Auckland)
  15. Leo Fatialofa (Auckland)
  16. Adam Odering (Canterbury)
  1. Joelle King (Waikato)
  2. Amanda Landers-Murphy (BOP)
  3. Megan Craig (Canterbury)
  4. Lana Harrison (Auckland)
  5. Abbie Palmer (Auckland)
  6. Kaitlyn Watts (Central)
  7. Emma Millar (Waikato)
  8. Anika Jackson (Waikato)
  9. Alana Kairaoi (BOP)
  10. Camden Te-Kani McQueen (BOP)
  11. Juee Bide (Auckland)
  12. Natalie Sayes (Auckland)
  13. Winona-Jo Joyce (Eastern)
  14. Georgia Robcke (Waikato)
  15. Debbie Dunbar (Wellington)
  16. Lauren Clarke (BOP)

Current Masters Rankings

As of 2020 the Masters ranking list will be based off the results from New Zealand Masters. This ranking list is taken from the event that was held at Timaru Squash Club in October. 
We understand there are people who did not play this event that may be seeded higher on the grading list than some of these players, but please note this list is not used to determine any selection for events or to seed events.
This list is an end of year ranking based on Nationals placings.

Womens 35            Mens 35
1 Shelley Kitchen 1 Sam Atkins
2 Karen Roberts 2 Shaun Sansom
3 Shayle Pringle 3 Aaron Kopitke
4 Jannah Wyeth 4 Nick Burnes
5 Karlie McQueen 5 Augustin Maunier
Womens 40 Mens 40
1 Debbie Dunbar 1 Allan Crome
2 Suk Hee Kim 2 Kent Darlington
3 Erin Ellery 3 Kashif Shuja
4 Tanya Colyer 4 Neil Rossin
5 Jen Moorhead 5 Craig Stratford
Womens 45 Mens 45
1 Nadine Cull 1 Scott Gardiner
2 Fiona Rouse 2 Jonathon Cheeseman
3 Julie Voykovic 3 Julian Conder
4 Kristen Wilson 4 Shane Johnston
5 Teresa Simons 5 Steve O'Toole
Womens 50 Mens 50
1 Lisa Cowlard 1 Jason Oxenham
2 Deb Shirley 2 Paul  Railton
3 Vicki Beker 3 Gary Duberly
4 Tracey Flux 4 Craig Endres
5 Shari Ball 5 Grant Craig
Womens 55 Mens 55
1 Kathryn McKay 1 Brett Meyer
2 Kay Newman 2 Mark Millar
3 Karen Gawn 3 Allan Dallas
4 Vicki Herdman 4 Ed Post
5 Alessandra    Ceriani 5 Richard Grayling
Womens 60 Mens 60
1 Karen Walton 1 Mark Waldin
2 Sandra Lelievre 2 Roger Garratt
3 Christine Ewart 3 Martin McKelvie
4 Michel Galloway 4 Alby King
5 Janice Trevathan 5 Richard Stephenson
Womens 65 Mens 65
1 Freda Walker 1 Wayne Seebeck
2 Judith Smith 2 Phil Tough
3 Tweedy Symour 3 Hongi Laing
4 Lawrence    Skurr
5 Bernie Dawson
Womens 70 Mens 70
1 Kaye Jackson 1 Graeme Richardson
2 Diana  Bennett 2 Ian Dolden
3 Ian Rout
Mens 75
1 Barry Gardiner
2 Cliff Rawson
3 Trevor Coulter

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