Clubs are all about building a great community, which means retaining members longer and attracting new members. With a wide range of partners on board, we have a number of benefits which are available to affiliated clubs as well as your individual members. This helps to transform your club's financial health and by improving off-court organisation means there is more to invest back into growth and community building on-court. Find out more

Our club support solutions

We’re here to help you build a healthier club in your community and stronger bonds with your members. There are a number of ways we can arm your club with the skills to become even better. Find out what we can offer to help you get ahead here.

Why partnering with us will help you build a healthier club and stronger community

  • As a part of the New Zealand squash family, you’ll love the great networking opportunities.
  • We will help you develop people who are committed to supporting your club's goals and bringing more people inside your facility.
  • You'll receive helpful insights and case studies that other local squash clubs across the country are willing to share. 
  • We’ll give your club ongoing capability support, which makes tackling some of those tricky issues simple.
  • Plus to help you attract and secure engaged and motivated participants, we will also provide you with marketing resources that are so eye-catching and effective you’ll be proud to use them.

Ready to affiliate and join the movement?

Contact us and start reaping the rewards today.

Want to reaffiliate and join us again after a break?

Simply follow the reaffiliation process and we'll do the rest.

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