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We are a family of passionate, positive, health, fitness and business professionals who simply love the game of squash. We're committed to developing the game at all levels and providing others with world-class opportunities to try it, play it and love it. Meet those who are committed to helping shape our future and turn it into a reality. 


Don Cotter


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Our Board members represent the interests of squash in New Zealand and are entrusted to ensure the organisation is soundly governed.


Kyle Pontifex - Chair

I would be the first person to call out my lack of ability on the squash court however it is a sport I get great enjoyment from playing. I have come from a hockey background where I was in the Black Sticks side for 15 years and was lucky enough to attend 3 Olympic games. My passion for governance was ignited as I looked to finish my playing career and saw governance as a great way to assist in the sustainable and successful delivery of sport to our communities.

I bring to the board my professional experience in Technology leadership, an athlete perspective on High Performance and a focus on building strong and effective teams.


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Vicki Beker

Squash has always been a big part of my life since the junior years.  I have been fortunate over the last 40 years to play at a Club, District and NZ Level and have had a pile of fun, while making lifetime friendships along the way.   Six years ago, I joined Squash BOP’s board and then moved into the chair’s role. 

Being part of the BOP Board enabled me to give back to the game I love, where I combined my squash experience with my professional skills as an Accountant, Business Owner and CEO to help drive squash success in the Bay.   It was a natural progression to use the knowledge that I had gained at a district level, to help progress the game further at a National level.  I am really excited to be part of this board going forward.

Dave Brown

Dave Brown

I am a late entrant to the squash after several years on the Triathlon and Ultrarunning scene before age, work and family made squash my primary source of exercise. Having picked it up in my 20’s and I wish I had started earlier.   I categorise myself as enthusiastic on court without being particularly skillful.    I joined the board as I saw it as an opportunity to use my professional experience to assist a non-profit and ensure that there is a healthy state of squash for my kids to enjoy if they decide to play, here’s hoping

I bring to the board my professional experience in Technology Leadership, Business Transformation and strategy execution.  And from a squash perspective I bring the view of the typical NZ club squash player – certainly not high performance


David Hawes 
David has been involved in Squash in Canterbury as an administrator for a number of years – both at club level with the Hoon Hay Squash Club and as part of Squash Canterbury.  He is committed to put something back into the game so people can enjoy the sport and continue to receive what the game has to offer.  David was elected to the Board in 2019 for 3 years.


Dame Susan Devoy

Dame Susan is known for her outstanding achievments inside and out of the squash court.

A 4 time World Champion and 8 time British open winner, she is one of the greatest to ever play squash.

She brings to the board table a wealth of governance experience, a wide network and influence within the sporting and public sectors along with an detailed understanding of squash at all levels of the game.

Gary Duberly

Gary Duberly

Gary Duberly has been playing squash for over 45 years and is still as passionate about it now as he was when he first picked up a racket.

“The mighty North Shore has been my club for over 20 years, and I have been fortunate to play in many Cousins Shield, Masters and numerous Inter-club teams as well as being the Treasurer for the last 10 years.”

“I have also been very fortunate that all three of my daughters have been and are still involved in this great game.”

Gary runs his own boutique Accountancy company, which has given him the opportunity for a balanced lifestyle and now time to give back to the sport he loves. He hopes to use the skills he has accumulated over the years to “help grow this awesome game of Squash in New Zealand.”

Megan Leaf

Megan Leaf

Megan Leaf has been an active squash member of Te Puke squash Club since 2002.

“I adore the game of squash and the opportunity it gives people, of all ages, to push themselves physically and mentally.”

Megan has occupied various committee roles at Te Puke Squash Club, including her most recent role as the Interclub and Eliminations Co-ordinator. 

Outside of the squash scene, Megan works full-time as a Barrister, across a wide range of litigation, with particular interest in reducing family violence. She is excited at the opportunity to contribute her knowledge, skills and experience she has gained in her career to the sustenance and growth of squash in New Zealand.


Everyone on our team brings different skills and experiences, but shares the same commitment to learning, improving and helping to provide world class squash experiences.

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Martin Dowson, Chief Executive

Martin brings a vast range of skills, knowledge, and connections across an extensive network of sports and sports leaders and has proven skills in bringing together stakeholders to achieve common goals. Martin manages the organisation (and its subsidiary Trusts / operations), providing clear, decisive, and effective strategic leadership to the New Zealand squash community to deliver on strategic outcomes.

E: martin@squashnz.co.nz

M: 021 506 263

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Jonathan Kemp, National Performance Coach

Jonathan is responsible for leading the development of New Zealand's top squash players, creating a pathway for players to progress from grassroots to elite level.

E: jonathan@squashnz.co.nz 

M: 021 192 9181

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Tyler Duberly, Promotion and Competition Manager

Tyler is responsible for the successful planning and delivery of international and premier events, supporting major events in partnership with the hosting squash district and venues and promotion of Squash in NZ. 

E: tyler@squashnz.co.nz

M: 021 376 772

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John Fletcher, National Development Manager

John is responsible for supporting districts and clubs, developing new and effective programmes to get new people in New Zealand playing and enjoying squash and to ensure Squash New Zealand is operating effectively and efficiently.  

E: john@squashnz.co.nz

M: 021 166 0517

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Jason Fletcher, Coach Development Leader

Jason is responsible for leading the development and implementation of a sustainable New Zealand Squash coach development programme.

E: jason@squashnz.co.nz

M: 027 356 8716

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Catherine Logan-McLeod, Performance Operations Coordinator

Catherine is responsible assisting National Performance Coach Jonathan Kemp in planning, organising and administering within the high performance sphere as well as supporting the national office with other logistics.

E: catherine@squashnz.co.nz

M: 021 234 6262

Life Members

19 of New Zealand’s most dedicated contributors to the game of squash have been honoured at a Squash New Zealand Annual General Meeting as a Life Member. It is a prestigious title which recognises an individual who has made a significant contribution to the game of squash that has enhanced the game at local level, regionally, nationally and / or internationally.

  • Bryden Clarke *
  • Murray Day (OBE) *
  • Dardir El Bakary *
  • Butch Gifford (QSM) *
  • Don Green *
  • Roy Haddon *
  • Allen Johns *
  • Geoffrey Kingscote *
  • Roy Mitchell *
  • Michael Sumpter *
  • Susie Simcock *
  • Neven Barbour
  • Aileen Buscke
  • Norman Coe
  • Don Cotter
  • Bruce Davidson
  • Dame Susan Devoy (DNZM, CBE)
  • Peter Highsted 
  • Bill Murphy
  • Ross Norman (MNZM)
  • Joanne Williams

(* = Deceased)

Life Membership Policy - updated August 2023

Programme Directors

Masters: Fran Hopkins

Refereeing: Mike Jack 

Advisory Groups

Referee Management Panel

  • Nicky McNaught
  • Janet Udy
  • Heather Findlay
  • Shelley Kitchen (SNZ representative)
  • Mike Jack (Director)



  • Matt Laurenson 
  • Kent Darlington
  • Shelley Kitchen


  • Tamsyn Leevey 
  • Glen Wilson
  • Shelley Kitchen


  • Fran Hopkins (Director)
  • Tony Johnston
  • Scott Gardiner

Commonwealth Games

  • Michel Galloway
  • Glen Wilson
  • Shelley Kitchen 

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