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Squash is a great game. We all know that. It’s all about fun and fitness, and making friends for life. Every day across the country, tens of thousands of Kiwis get moving and play or experience squash. There are a range of group squash programmes to suit your needs - whether you’re just starting out, returning to the game of looking for a change of pace.

Ways to Play Have a hit - web

Have a Hit

The best way to try it - no experience required.

Ways to Play Small Nix - web

Kiwi Squash Small Nix

Playful movement and fun games for 5-8 year olds.

Ways to Play Big Nix - web

Kiwi Squash Big Nix

Fun games and foundation fitness for 9-12 year olds.

Ways to Play Squash Ignite - web

Squash Ignite

Fast fitness, skills and plenty of fun for 13-19 year olds.

Ways to Play Social Slam - web

Social Slam

Learn and experience the basics with other beginner adults.

Ways to Play Squash Mates - web

Squash Mates

The insanely addictive social programme for family, friends and colleagues.

Ways to Play Women's Squash - web

Women's Squash

Fitness, friends, family and fun – for females only.

Ways to Play SquashFit - web


A fun high-energy, squash-specific fitness workout.

Ways to Play Racketball - web


Longer rallies and more action with a larger racket and a bigger, bouncier blue ball.

Ready to experience the fun and fitness?

Discover all you need to hit the courts here.

Looking for more competitive squash?

If you're after a challenge, a range of opportunities exist every week of the year to take part in District interclub competitions, doubles leagues and a range of tournaments and events.

Give us your best SHOT!

Have you taken part in a squash programme? We’re always looking to improve our game so hearing from you is really important. We embrace open communication with our national family so differences of opinion can be expressed and compromises reached. Help us shape the future of our squash programmes by completing our speaking honestly on things (SHOT) survey.

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