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Squash Player Magazine New Issue Now Out!

Who would you pick as Player of the Year? There has rarely in squash been a more interesting question or time. That is the question we gave to an international panel of experts from different continents and the answers are published in the latest issue of the Squash Player magazine, The Annual.

We also have the Young Player of the Year and the Most Improved Player Awards. The experts pick their Highlight of the Year, what is yours? We also have the Year in Stats - for example: what was the longest match of the year? The significant squash records that have been broken during the year are published and we also include the popular Photos of the Year.

Victor Crouin adorns the cover for the first time and readers get a change to win his racket. And read his story. The issue includes all the regulars on Gear, Club&Court, Events and Workshop in which Ali Farag explains his game in Part 3 of his My Game series.

EDITORIAL: We look at the year and the task our expert Panel has in selecting the Award winners.

NEWS: Assem Allam passes on and leaves a brilliant legacy.

WORLD SQUASH: It is not hit and miss, there is a strategy behind the actions of our lead federation and Squash Player asks what it is.

OBITUARY: The great squash writer (scribe) Rex Bellamy passes on.

AWARDS: Squash Player announces its Annual Awards.

HIGHLIGHTS: The panel of experts pick their Highlights of the Year.

STATS & RECORDS: Howard Harding presents the year in Stats and Mike Dale updates the sport’s records.

PICS OF THE YEAR: Award winning photographer Nathan Clarke presents his best pics of 2022.

FEATURE: Will we be hearing more of Victor Crouin? Most probably, yes! This feature is an ideal place to start.

VEGAS: Squash57 joins in the unique 3 wall ball championships in Las Vegas.

CLUB&COURT: Outdoors in Luxembourg and at the seaside in Yorkshire.

GEAR: Dunlop’s new man and colourful Karakal.

ON COURT: Performances of the Month; Round-up; Rankings; Calendar; News; and Looking Forward

COMPETITION: Win Victor Crouin’s racket, the Dunlop Sonic Core Revelation Pro Lite.

WORKSHOP:  News; Drew’s Diagnosis on Marwan’s Option Taking; Newton investigates Low Wee Wern’s tenacious battle with injury; Hesham explains ghosting; Engelbrecht explains the mental ingredients underlying consistency; and Ali Farag discusses opponents and attacking opportunities.

GALLERY: James Zug peep’s behind the scenes at the US Open.

Read the full Squash Player Issue 4 2022 magazine here

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