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Racketball Invitational Showcasing Sport for Everyone

The inaugural New Zealand Racketball Invitational got underway today at the Devoy Squash and Fitness Centre in Tauranga.

The invitational is being run in conjunction with the New Zealand Squash Championships, with eight men and eight women showcasing the sport through the event.

Racketball is similar to squash and is played on the same court but with a larger, bouncier ball and a bigger racket. 

“Racketball is a fast-growing sport in New Zealand,” said event organiser Shari Ball.

“It’s really accessible and it’s a great equaliser, anyone can play anyone and we have a huge variety of people competing from across different ages and genders so we thought it’d be great to showcase it here.”

The sport is often seen as a lighter version of squash which is ideal for beginners, those advancing in years or anyone wanting something a little different.

“We’re getting loads of interest from people who otherwise might not be involved in sport so we’re really pleased to have this on display,” said co-organiser Richard Harris.

“The ball is bouncier and there’s less lunging required so anyone can pick it up, literally from a young kid picking up a racket and ball for the first time, through to anyone older who can’t move as well anymore.”  

The sport is proving a popular showcase, with young and old giving it a go in between the elite matches.

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