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Squash Player Magazine Issue 2 2023 Now Out!

The latest issue of Squash Player magazine (2032 Issue 2) asks, ‘what are the critical questions for our sport’?  Earlier this year European Squash threw its hat into the ring (and should be congratulated for doing so) with an innovative Think Tank but did they ask the right questions? In a major article Squash Player suggests a fundamental review of our sport with critical questioning and some basic research.

Questioning should also take in the perplexing issue of the rules. In the hot seat in this issue is PSA’s refereeing supremo Lee Drew who responds to our interrogation.

Three things came together at the recent British Open – brilliant play, an exciting new venue and a new location. We cover all these aspects in this issue including the play but we acknowledge that this classic event was held at a significant new location for the sport. Birmingham wants to be seen as an international sporting venue and to have squash as part of that mix. Great, the city is behind squash!

When reporting on the Open in this issue we have the assistance of Cross Court Analytics. Readers will find the results interesting and quite probably relevant to their own games.


EDITORIAL: How to promote squash – trickle down or bottom up?

NEWS: Squash bounces back in England; San Francisco canned, UK Squash Sell-Out; Walter’s Investment.

WORLD SQUASH: It all works with commissions.

REFEREEING: Squash Player asks PSA the key questions.

THINKING INSIDE THE BOX: What are, and what are not the key questions to grow our sport.

BRITISH OPEN: Brilliant sporting theatre and Birmingham a new ‘Open’ home.


INTERVIEW: Mostafa Asal and his heroes.

GEAR: It is 100 years up for Dunlop and Paul Coll has a new racket.

ON COURT: Performances of the Month; Round up; Rankings; Calendar; News; and Looking Forward.

WORKSHOP: News: Kemp turns Kiwi, Mental Training Research, England Squash Awards; Phillip Marlowe on back corner secrets; Drew’s Diagnosis on Ali Farag’s depth; With Cross Court Analytics we look at the British Open stats and find some intriguing facts; Rodney Martin speaks on the coaching ban; Hesham El Attar on developing that all elusive experience; and Jesse Engelbrecht on plugging the leak in your mental bucket.

GALLERY: James Zug on a College Centennial, First State Squash’s new home, fitting a court in a lift, and a goodbye to Gordon Lightfoot. 

Read the full magazine here.  Affiliated squash club members can access the magazine for free!  Simply follow the link to create an account and view the magazine in full. 

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