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Job Opportunity - Performance Operations Coordinator

Unleash your potential with this exciting opportunity. Squash New Zealand Poipātū Aotearoa are offering a full-time, permanent, low to mid-level role for management enthusiasts.

Experience the thrill of handing diverse challenges particularly in high performance, enabling our players, coaches, and administrators to focus on performance. Your background in planning, organising and administration will play a vital role in shaping impactful experiences. Join our team and take on a wide range of responsibility in our organisation’s activities.

Together, we will make a difference in squash, creating memorable and positive experiences for all – be part of something fulfilling and impactful!

About the business

Squash New Zealand Poipātū Aotearoa (SNZ) is the national governing body for Squash in New Zealand. Our vision for squash is ‘New Zealanders enjoying squash from grassroots to excelling on the world stage’. A key purpose for SNZ is to inspire New Zealanders through story telling our amazing squash stories and enhance our promotion of squash. Squash New Zealand Poipātū Aotearoa is committed to creating a high-performance environment that is cohesive, inclusive, supports growth, and produces players capable of succeeding on the world stage.

About the role

Reporting to the Chief Executive and many tasks directed by National Performance Coach, the primary purpose of the Performance Operations Coordinator is to assist the National Performance Coach in organising and planning for training camps, international campaigns, and key meetings. The role will play a vital role in facilitating team selections and appointments, whilst also managing relationships with key stakeholders. Additionally, the role will support the organising of other events in the organisation by arranging and coordinating board meetings, referee travel and national events, including our AGM, face to face forums, coach conferences and annual awards. Expertise in logistics, planning and attention to detail will be instrumental in ensuring the success of these initiatives and enhancing the overall performance of the organisation.

Key Responsibilities

Lead the planning, managing logistics and organisation of international campaigns, camps, national events, and key meetings.

Facilitate the selection processes for coaches and players in our international campaigns.

Facilitate the content and send the bimonthly newsletter for key stakeholders in the high- performance programme.

Be a key point of contact to communicate with key stakeholders in the High-Performance programme.

Ensure the annual High-Performance booklet is completed and sent to all stakeholders.

Co-ordinate Athlete Commission and Advisory Group meetings.

Skills and Experience

Experience in Sports administration: Previous experience in sports administration or a similar role in high performance sport is essential to provide valuable insights into the specific needs of the high-performance programme.

Planning and logistics: Strong organisational and planning abilities are crucial to coordinate training camps, international campaigns, meetings and national events effectively.

Communication: Excellent communication skills are necessary to interact with various stakeholders including coaches, athletes, administrators, and external partners.

Relationship Management: Ability to build and maintain positive relationships with key stakeholders, ensuring effective collaboration and support for the high-performance programme.

Attention to detail: Being detail orientated is vital for managing complex logistics, handling team selections, and overseeing event arrangements.

Problem-Solving: The role may involve addressing unforeseen challenges and making quick decisions during events or campaigns

Event Management: Experience in organizing events, such as AGMs, face to face forums and coach conferences is beneficial.

Time Management: Efficiently managing multiple tasks and deadlines is crucial in a fast- paced high-performance environment.

Collaboration: Being a team player and working collaboratively with various departments within the organization is essential for seamless logistics

Flexibility: Willingness to adapt to changing priorities and be available to support events or campaigns outside regular hours.

Overall, the ideal candidate should possess a minimum of two years’ experience in handing high performance events or tasks, a strong passion for sports, be familiar with squash, be highly organised, and possess excellent interpersonal skills to ensure the success of the high performance programme and the smooth running of national events.

The Salary range is between $55,000 to $70,000 per year dependent on the successful candidate’s experience.

Successful applicant will be required to undergo police vetting and complete Sport NZ Child Safeguarding Training modules.

To apply for this position please email a CV and cover letter to no later than noon/12pm Monday 3rd September 2023.

Download the job description here

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